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There are times in life that we don't want to hear things or more appropriately hear anything,
but we all want to be heard.

Let's begin by listening to ourselves and helping others.

Being a part of any support group involves listening, giving advice and offering support when, where and how it is needed.

We know that but how often do we do it ?

Together our knowledge, perseverance and determination to meet, combat and conquere diabetes through intelligent, thoughtful progress void of ignorance will benefit everyone.

We can do this, together.

Support one another, extend a hand, lend an ear.
Share your words, your thoughts, your faith.

Open your minds and your heart.
Share your findings and your experiences.

Read a book, seen a video, heard some news,
tell someone, pass it on, let's keep this site and it's purpose moving forward, let's help one another.

Ease the pain of Diabetes with Compassion.

Tears of Joy flow just as easily as tears of Despair, the difference comes from the Heart in the form of a Smile .. !

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