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celtic lioness
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I was wondering if anyone here has heard of Extend Bars.They supposedly help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours,control hungar,avoid blood sugar highs and lows and supposedly you can count on energy that lasts.They have 2g net carbs.I have used them a couple of times and so far have had good results.According to the package,the bars help to avoid low blood sugar,even overnight so I tried one and it seemed to help me sleep a bit better.
Other claims say the bar reduces blood sugar swings and sustains energy during exercise and revery.
BUT! The box does state that ExtendBar "is NOT a treatment for low blood sugar episodes once they occur".I showed them to my diabetes educator and she said they were a good idea for a snack but to also have something else with them like yogurt.You can buy them online @www.ExtendBar.com or call 1-800-887-3929.I have also found them at Walgreens but they only come 4 bars to a box and online you can get 15 to a box and now the company also makes and sells a product called Extend Crisps,though I haven't had a chance to try those yet.
Has anyone else heard of and or tried this product and if so,how about telling us of your experiences with it,whether good or bad.

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avonlady 2010-03-21 23:53:43 -0500 Report

Well, I bought a box of the peanut butter flavored ones at Walgreens, but they're awfully dry and didn't have alot of flavor. I ended up taking them back and getting my money back. They need to make them more creamier and tastier and not as dry. I know they could come up with a more improved tasting bar than that. I just wonder how the Glucerna bars are and if anyone's tried them. Let me know before I spend another $5 or 6 bucks on them, like the Extend bars were.

Goddess 2008-08-16 12:12:02 -0500 Report

I have tried them. Received a sample in the mail. They are delicious. I would also like to know if they help with morning highs.?

Dancehawk 2008-08-03 10:27:20 -0500 Report

They are worth buying.
You can eat a bar before bed , sleep like a baby with no lows or highs when you wake up, Eat before exercising, they hold you, eat before going to town you do not have to stress over missing a meal or having a crash.
I love them, sent samples to my family too because my mom and brother are diabetics.
There great to have for your emergancy kits to incase of a hurricane or bad storm and you have to leave fast grab your bars and water.
The chips are ok but do not carry you as well as the bars do,
and they taste good.


GabbyPA 2008-08-03 06:57:38 -0500 Report

I found this in another discussion and though that just incase you miss it, here it is.

"They also sell these snack bars that claim to help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours. They are called Extend Bar. They have no sugar alcohol, and only 1g
of sugar, 2g carbs. I was surprised by the taste, they are actually very good
and come in several flavors. I'll definitely be buying more of these."

Update: Found a better place to buy the Extend Bars now:

Hope this helps you both

butterfly_8 2008-07-26 15:57:46 -0500 Report

I am going to give them a try if my walgreen' have them. I have never seen them.

avonlady 2010-03-22 00:04:27 -0500 Report

Yes, I've seen these at all the Walgreens where we live and even on vacation at the beach. I always have to go to the Walgreens where ever we go out of town and they have always carried them back there next to the pharmacy on the bottom shelf next to the Glucerna brand products. But they only carry 2 of the flavors—p-nut butter and the chocolate covered bar. I've only tried the 1st one and didn't care at all for it, maybe the chocolate one is better. I took them back and got my money back. I guess you have to acquire a taste for them, but I just couldn't handle it.