Up/Down sugars.

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Okay…so this AM reading was 127 fasting…that was at 10 o'clock. At 3:30 PM I was ready for lunch/snack so decided to take another reading first…geez..1i was 77. What goes?

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Kirla 2010-01-23 20:26:52 -0600 Report

Your morning blood sugar was a little high. I try and keep mine below 90. The 77 in the afternoon is a normal blood sugar. At this time of day my blood sugar sometimes drops down into the sixties. Since I’m about to eat I don’t worry about it. My latest A1C was 5.4. This is what my blood sugars normally do in a day. These are my blood sugars for today.
Before breakfast 80 1 hour after eating 93
Before lunch 88 1 hour after eating 109
Before supper 67 1 hour after eating 111
Before going to bed 98
I was diagnosed last February With an A1C of 14.1 and a fasting blood sugar of 366. It only took me a few months to get it close to normal. I didn’t even find it to hard to do. All I did was start drinking 8-10 glasses of water and eating lots of low carb vegetables. By testing before and after each meal I was able to determine what foods spiked my blood sugar and stopped eating them. My numbers dropped fast.

Funny thing was when my numbers dropped down to normal my feet hurt every day and were very cold at night. Now they still feel funny but the pain mostly is gone and my legs used to have sores all over. I wouldn’t even wear shorts outside the house. Now they’re just fine. Sore and cuts heal fast. I believe in testing testing and testing.

Good luck

Safe 2010-01-23 20:41:17 -0600 Report

My fasting BS never went over 140 even before I started taking Metformin. Dr. felt that I needed to begin meds…that was about 5 months ago. I take 750 mg…500 early and 250 later in the day or early evening.

Kirla 2010-01-23 21:00:03 -0600 Report

I took Metformin 500mg in the morning and 500mg in the afternoon. After about 7 weeks I couldn’t tolerate the side effects any more. So I stopped taking them. My blood sugar continued to get better week after week and I have not taken any meds since. My A1C went from 14.1 in Feb. to 5.9 in June to 5.6 in Oct and 5.4 a few weeks ago. I did it by testing what I ate and stopped eating foods that spiked my blood sugar.

Kats2 2010-01-23 21:47:54 -0600 Report

I'm experiencing the sugar level roller coaster. If I get into the 70's I tremor and feeling like passing out. My numbers are really high in the morning, but drop super low during the day. I am currently undergoing a metabolic work up. When I took glaburide my numbers would plumbit so badly. For now I am only on Metformin at 850mg twice a day. Testing sugar levels before and after, including a dietary journal also. Llearning what to eat, how much and what to eat when. I have experienced sudden weight loss prior to this. As I was told Metformin works on blocking sugar from being absorbed by the liver. Glaburaide works on the pancreas. It's such a new way of living I only had to change one thing EVERYTHING!!

Kirla 2010-01-23 22:02:49 -0600 Report

A1C is a blood test that gives an average blood sugar reading for 2 or 3 months before taking the test. Below 6 is considered normal. Most doctors want to see it below 7 for diabetics. Anything above 7 is not to good. There’s a chart you can see to determine exactly what blood sugar reading represent what blood sugar average. Google A1C and you should get lots of info.

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