Top 10 Heart- Healthy foods.

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Did you know that you can eat these foods For heart and it's okay for diabetics? they are : blueberries-vitamin C,folate, calcium,magnesium,potassium and fiber. walnuts,-omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E,magnesium, folate, fiber and phytosterols. but a high in calories. Dark choclate,- 70% or higher contains reveratrol and phenols that help protect cells from damage. a dietitian can learn how to fit into your diet. Oatmeal,- magnesium, potassium and calcium to help lower blood cots and hardening of arteriesand niacin, choose lower-cookingforms, such a steel-cut oats will not raise bs,as fast asquiker-cooking types. Black beans& Kidney beans, B-complex vitamins they have magnesium, calcium,and fiber. Red wine,(yes red wine),increases body "good HDL" but can drop blood glucose rapidly, so it wise to eat something when you drink. The ADApeople with diabetes limit their intake of alcohol to one 5-ounce drink or less per day for women, and twodrinksor less for men per day. Salmon,-omega-3fattyacids, protect the body from heart attackes,lower risk of blood clots reduce healty triglyceride levels a blood fat) anh raise the good levels this helps keep blood vessal clear.Also reduceinflammation, lower blood pressure and fight off illness by keeping the immune systrm healthy. AHA sugguest adults eat two seving of baked fish or grill salmon or other fish-each week. Including mackerel,lake trout,herring,sandines,and albacore tuna. Ground flaxseed,- contains omega -3, fiber that lower "bad" LDL cholesterol level and phytoestrogens reduce the risk of blood clots, stroke and irregular heartbeat. Tofo,- is made from soy beanand contain niacin,folate, calcuim,magnesium and potassium. and Almonds-also high in caloriescontain omega-3& vitamin E which protects cells from damage. also contain heart healthy fats,magnesium, fiber phytosterols, which lower cholesterol. I hope this help in eatting right and help you make healthier choicesfor us who have a hard time to eat something that good and good for you.

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I include much of the foods you mention in my diet. I can’t eat the oatmeal. Haven’t tried the steel-cut oats yet. Will have to buy some and see what it does to my blood sugar. I test my blood sugar before and after each meal to see how it affects my blood sugar. To big a spike, I don’t eat it again or limit the serving. I found that some foods that spike my blood sugar at one serving will have little affect if I eat ½ or ¼ serving.


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