Diabetes complicated by Depression

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I too, have type 2 Diabetes, and although my doctor feels it's under good control (A1C was 6.3), I also have Stage 3 Kidney disease, and have been diagnosed with bowel incontinence {weakening of the Peritoneal muscle) for which I'm receiving Physical therapy to try to strengthen the muscle. I'm also taking thyroid medication for hypothyroid condition.
It's really been a strain on me having to deal with my heralth problems and I'm also overweight, but don't seem to be able to shed the extra weight. I', also having major financial problems made worse by being the victim of a financial work-at-home acam I responded to from anm ad in the paper last year. While trying to resolve the damage from that, I recently had to finance payments for a new air conditioning/heating system, as a recent inspection of our older system (12 years old) revealed it's leaking carbon momoxide into the house (NOT GOOD!)
Add to that my daughter's doctor's nurse contacted me and said I need to start monitoring her testing of her bloodc sugar (4 times a day) and her administration of her Insulin (once a day) because her last A1C (December, 2009) was 11. My daughter is mentally disabled and doesn't like the idea of me watching her as she tests her blood sugar and takes her insulin as she insists she can do it herself and is doing it correctly, so I feel like I'm up against a brick wall and all this added atress is making my depression WORSE!! I've been under treatment (Therapy and medication) since the beginning of November, 2008, and had been getting better, but with everything coming at me at once, I just feel overwhelmed by everything and can't take any more. I just want to say "Stop the world, I want to get OFF"!!

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dietcherry 2010-01-21 19:54:25 -0600 Report

You are under major stress and are caught in a vicious cycle! Since you are already receiving medication and therapy for your depression, I suggest you try relaxation techniques. Deep breathing sounds so simple but it is amazing how it can calm us by clearing our heads, lowering blood pressure, and putting concentration on our breathing and off our iminent problems. Try making time in your schedule everyday to sit by yourself and practice deep, steady breathing. While your doing this, you can imagine climbing a mountain or swimming down to the bottom of the ocean-anything that will take you away from this world for a few minutes. Every new tension is going to exacerbate your existing health problems so try to stay calm and in control! Good luck to you and your daughter and I will keep you in my prayers! Lots of Love, Renee :)