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Have you heard of GBG 10 -in-one The World's Greatest Liquid Vitamin & Mineral Supplement! it is 10 formulas in one bottle.

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Sam Stokes
Sam Stokes 2010-01-23 09:07:12 -0600 Report

This is just for everyone's information I'm a perferred customer in GBG i 've used the 10 in one product for several months without any problems , so all of us know it's been listed under suppliments in the physicians desk reference from 2006 up every year . bUT i FOUND SOMETHING BETTER FOR OUR FAMILY AND CHANGED TO IT IT'S Goldshield Elite 's Pulsesate Plus It helped us all a lot more , I,m still just a perferred customer , and use some of their other products also and they have a 25 plus year track record not typical multi level junk which I hate with a passion. I'm in the process of checking the GBG ENERGY MATRIX THIS MORNING I took it seperate from other meds getting a 30 min and 1 hour reading my b g lvl was 128 at 7:10 this morning ,I drank the GBG Energy Matrix at 7:58 am at 8:33it dropped my bg lvl to 100 no exercise it will be an hour in just a few minutes so I'll recheck,be right back,bg lvl 104 at 9:00am . So ya'll do as you choose , it definity helps my metaboism and lowers my b g lvl , but it cost about 60.00 at perferred customer , so there's the facts using me as my on trail person .Being a blessing is more important than making money when your thankful just to live one day at a time.

ptsparkle 2010-01-21 16:58:57 -0600 Report

No, I have never heard about it before. The worlds greatest, and 10 formulas in one?? Where have I been all this time, to have never heard of this modern day miracle. Tell me more, where can I get it? How much does it cost? Gee, could I maybe even become a dealer and get a huge discount?? Gotta have it!!! NOT.

Sam Stokes
Sam Stokes 2010-01-21 16:23:22 -0600 Report

Any product that burns fat and adds energy , stands a good chance of raising our blood glucose levels ,if you do ever try any of these kind of things make sure you moniter your sugar also its always best to check with your PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN before taking things like this. We're all different so no one fits as set mold .

Harlen 2010-01-20 14:46:45 -0600 Report

Yep and its junk would not give it to a dog or any other living thing
go kill somonr els

Susie624 2010-01-20 15:12:48 -0600 Report

Agree with you Harlan,got an invite and not using the brain God gave me I accepted.It wasnt ten minutes before they was trying to sell me the product.Needless to say I notified John.Enough problems without some one trying to push their garbage on you.Not calling your coconut oil garbage,I would like to know where you by yours,and refering to your coconut oil just a phrase that i used I dont think you have any thing to do with the company except as a user of the product.And thanks for helping me feel a little better this morning.