Brittle diabetes

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I have had diabetes for ten years and its really hard that I cant find a balance. Im always trying to find something to make me feel better. I know everyone at the three nearest hospitals to my house. I hate being called the regular at the hospital e.r's! I get so angry because im 19 and im tired of being sick. I just wish something would go right. Every time I end up in the ICU (usually a couple times a month) I already know everyone up there. Its depressing to me. Does anyone els have these types of feelings?

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greeneyedghost 2010-01-21 01:59:43 -0600 Report

Hi, Im sorry I don't understand being a brittle diabetic, but I do understand how to deal with it some, cuz my older sister has been one most of her life (she is now 40) and I lived around her and helped in keeping her on the right track, and of course I have type 2 diabetes and was gestational diabetic while pregnant with my last child 10 yrs ago and insulin dependent then, so I do know a little bit about dealing with diabetes and other probs underlying combining the diabetes harder to handle.. (cuz if u help urself emotionally it will show in ur sugar numbers, which in turn help u again mentally… and in general.
But also, with the diabetes, I have had to deal with other life threatening diseases along with the diabetes and it can affect me a bit like having brittle diabetes. First let me start by saying, my sister went and still does at times, go thru ups and downs emotionally and more. Sometimes you have to deal with the stress factors, emotional upsets, etc. to help your numbers and ups and downs curb a bit and it would be a good thing to contact a center that can help with all aspects of this disease. ..
ex: like I go to a pain clinic for my chronic pain due to my illnesses. There they deal with me physically * help me regain some physical activity, by showing me things suitable for my condition and activity level*, emotionally * they let me talk to someone that deals with it often and just plain out help me talk things out if I need to or ramble or anything to help me feel as tho the emotional roller coaster can be slowed down and clear my mind of and clear up some things that seemed so difficult to work thru*, I get some type of oral or shots (medicine) relief of some of my symptoms of pain, depression, etc.* and I work with an actual medical specialist or doctor that is specialized in dealing with my combined illnesses and can evaluate my meds as they combine, how each may affect my emotional state, and more. It proves to be very helpful .. if u maintain it, you are more likely to keep up with managing your diabetes and have less roller coaster rides. I have dealt with cancer, ADHD, depression, back injury/neck injury, multiple surgeries, a heart condition and diabetes with all of this at the same time and i find it hard to deal with feeling so sick all the time… people look at me like *omg she's a weakling, she's ill all the time, wow she has problems* yes well i am weak at times, and I am ill , and WOW that's nothing new.. we all have problems, I just choose to deal with them and make myself feel good and relieve some of them, but i do exercise, sleep well, eat right, and do things to make me feel happy overall to keep the weakness, ill feelings, and more from constantly attacking me. *** Now by no means am I trying to sound perfect and like Ive perfected this way of coping, but I have found that when i try hard enough, it can help to be less of that dreary feeling**** I hope Ive helped in some way or at least made u understand you are not alone! Anytime u wanna talk or vent or more ask someone u trust and ppls here know a lot and Im a good listener.. ;) Ive got a teenage daughter.. and I find it easier to deal with her age than others lol. I also find it easier to talk to others with the same problems to get feedback and encouragement, docs know how to help and prescribe and such, but if they dont deal with it daily themselves, then eh… they cant always help u feel better emotionally. Working with others that do deal with it daily like u, can help. My prayers are with u.. God Bless.

Nicki (aka-greeneyedghost)

greeneyedghost 2010-01-21 02:01:21 -0600 Report

ALSO… I am on a first name basis (heck, even my nickname), with doc offices, drug stores, etc. Sucks, but somewhere there will come good of it and u may find a great friend in the midst of it all.

larry A
larry A 2010-01-20 15:01:34 -0600 Report

I have been a diabetic now for 14 years and at first I was going through the same things that you are although I rarely went to the ICU I finally looked at my doctor and said enough already help me figure out what the issue is then a friend of mine said to try a diatician and work with them about what foods effect the sugar levels once i found out that it became easier to control the ups and downs and the depression that came along with it. I was older than 19 when diagnoised but I am a very active guy who found it difficult to do things that I was use to doing before the diagnoises. So I understand the fustrations that you are going through

rankearl 2010-01-20 09:08:46 -0600 Report

ive been a brittle diabetic most of my life you dont have to be prefect we beat ourselves up more than everyone else all you can do is do your best that your best and everything in moderation once you start doing everything you need to do everytime you do it it gets easier then automactic then you got it made hang in there hugs julie

livlaughlve22 2010-01-20 08:01:00 -0600 Report

I know exactly how you feel! I am also 19 and constantly in and out of the hospitol, and have had diabetes for 10 years now. Except I'm in and out of the hospitol because I choose to. For the last few years i kind of "gave up" becuase I was tired of taking care of myself. I never had any help when I was a kid so I guess I just was too fed up, However now I'm working with my doctors to find the easiest ways for me like getting the pump and sensor. Two devices that can make it a whole lot easier for you. Its really hard to keep balance expecially at our age between going out wanting to do what you want to do when you want it. Simply put diabetes doesnt fit lol but keep pushing to go the extra mile to take a little better care of it. Its what I've realized, so I hope this helps

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