Alpha Stim pain management

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I had dental work done in 1989 that resulted in loss of work and eyesight for 18 mths. I just now allowed a dentist back in my mouth for the first time since my painful experiance that almost cost me my life and seemed to trigger my onset of diabetes. After having a major tooth removed I have had to use no pain meds due to the use of a device I was told about by a couple from our congregation at church. It was after asking for prayers at church that they approached and shared information about the device. An alph stim electrotherapy stimilator. I am here to testify that this was the most pain free surgery I have ever had and I have had many. I am healing amazingly well and not taking any pain meds at all. The swelling was minimal and it really blows my mind. I would love to share more if anyone is intrested.

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pmpa015 2010-01-30 17:06:47 -0600 Report

I would like to know more about this device. I have broken my right ankle twice while having diabetic seizures, I have two metal plates and four screws in it and it constantly hurts. Also having Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis sends me to a pain frenzy 24-7 in every joint in my body. I suffer from Stage 3 kidney failure and unable to take pain medication, with the exception of Motrin which doesn't touch the pain, so I don't take it. I just suffer through the pain, especially during the winter when it's so cold. The pain in back keeps me in bed on many days and I need help.

Preacher1 2010-01-30 21:22:20 -0600 Report

I highly recomend that you go to this website and seek informaton. This product is so amazing and really took me by suprise. It is so simple to use and runs off a nine volt battery. It is not a tens device. I pray you are able to find relief. Don

rankearl 2010-01-20 09:16:21 -0600 Report

hi is this the same thing as a tens machine?i have never heard of this i suffer from chronic pain so im curious hugs julie

Preacher1 2010-01-20 21:22:22 -0600 Report

No, it is not. I only heard of it after asking for prayers for my surgery. The last dental surgery I had came as close to killing me as it can without actually dieing. The pain I was in was treated for several months with hydracodone. I lost weight down to 140 lbs from 210. I looked like a dead man walking. So when they said I needed dental surgery again I asked for prayers. A couple from our church asked me if I has ever tried using the alpha stim pain control system. I has never even heard of it. They shared what it has done for them and I said I was willing to try it. I did and I had the most amazing results. I am blown away at the level of painlessness that this surgery was. I have diabetic nueropathy and fibro myalgia. This little machine gave me the best nights sleep in over ten years.

judy makowski
judy makowski 2010-01-20 21:31:46 -0600 Report

I missed the beginning of this conversation. My computer has been acting up. I to am in chronic pain and have fibro. The tens unit didn't work for me ither. Would you mind telling me what this is all about?

Preacher1 2010-01-21 19:15:00 -0600 Report

The alpha stem website can tell way more than I can. It is I can only tell you that the pain management attained using this device was better for me personally than any other method or medicine that I have ever used. I am still working on getting my dr. to give me a prescription so I can purchase one of my own.

judy makowski
judy makowski 2010-01-29 19:57:31 -0600 Report

Thank you for the information. I have not had any luck in finding pain relief for to many years to count. I am going directly to this site to see what I can find oujt.

Glad you got relief with it and hope you get your script soon.

Preacher1 2010-01-19 22:01:40 -0600 Report

It also seems to help with my diabetic neuoropathy symptoms. I used the device for an hour the night before surgery and for one hour before surgery on the day of surgery. Immediately following surgery I used the device for 24 hrs and needed no other pain meds.