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lol…okay this started as a joke…but then we realized that its truly nice to have a place to just vent, complain, bit*h, etc without making anyone mad that doesn't want to hear it…So if you dont want to hear it, dont read on…If your looking to just say whats on your mind, naughty or not nice…Let-er-rip!

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lilleary76 2012-03-19 10:16:09 -0500 Report

What drives me crazy is when you just start to pull out a syringe and you are eating at a restaurant and you notice everyone looking at you like a heroin addict.

Roy531 2010-02-07 12:16:46 -0600 Report

Something that gets my goat is when we have a snack day at work and people bring all the deserts the will say something like sorry but you can't eat any of that or don't you wish you could eat some. I tell them I don't need it, but started baking my own and the last time made a Banana Bar type cake with creme cheese icing, all sweetened with Splenda, and guess what it didn't last they ate every bit of it then told them it was made with Splenda. So now when we have a snack day they ask me to bake something.

ferk01 2010-01-29 00:19:32 -0600 Report

I now know why my sugar is so high. CHILDREN. I just got a call from the police station asking me to pick him up. He was in a car with kids that were drinking. Although thankfully he was not drinking and he called the police to get them stopped. This call however caused my sugar to go from 88 to 410. Talk about stressful. He fortunately is okay but what a worry. I am glad I have taught him what to do if caught in such a situation. But I guess my sugar will be high until my son gets married and has a wife to worry about him.

jayabee52 2010-01-29 00:40:49 -0600 Report

Tracy, I suspect that worrying about a child is a LIFETIME job, ESPECIALLY for mothers.

I will soon be 58 and I am married now twice, but momma still worries about me. I scared the hell out of her when I had my kidney failure in 2007. When she came to Vegas to visit my bro and me she cried when she first saw me because I had gotten so thin and my face was grey. She was glad when I got married again after my ex divorced me, but she still checks up on how my bride and I are doing. I believe Mom'll keep on worring about me until one or the other of us passes. That's how mommas are!

But BRAVO FOR YOU Tracy you taught your son to "do the RIGHT THING" (as Dr Laura would say) CONGRATULATIONS.

Oh and BTW Tracy most everyone is Pissing N Moaning on the 2nd discussion thread by the same name: Here's the linkto click to find us: http://www.diabeticconnect.com/discussions/52...

imsuzie2 2010-01-29 22:17:59 -0600 Report

Tracy, I agree. Great job with your son. He should be rewarded for not drinking AND having the guts to call the police on his friends. I can't imaging many kids doing that. He is a child to be looked upon as a hero. Think of how many lives he might have saved!!!!! And, see you on P&M2…S2
PS; I still call my 35 yr old son my baby. He is FINALLY beginning to understand he will always be my baby.

ferk01 2010-01-24 20:08:17 -0600 Report

Which ever one of my friends was looking for Diet Dr. Pepper. I found Diet Doctor Thunder in Walmart last night. They taste exactly the same as Diet Dr Pepper. I hope it can make you feel a little better.

caragypsy 2010-01-23 11:18:43 -0600 Report

My Piss N Moan is that this is getting to long. It take a LONG time to load. I have enjoyed reading this but we need a #2. Cara

Deb-G 2010-01-23 12:52:15 -0600 Report

Ok…thats pretty funny isn't it…that we are PMS'ing enough to need a Piss N Moan #2…Let me roll with a number 2 and then i'll have more to read on the road lol…

Adding new thread…

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2010-01-24 18:37:09 -0600 Report

Quite a carpet we all have woven, our many threads——!! Have a Safe trip, Deb!! And the Best of Luck!! PR

gma 2010-01-23 10:31:19 -0600 Report

Ok who ever took the Sun please return him Iam so tired of gloom!!! It is soooo depressing

Deb-G 2010-01-23 10:45:46 -0600 Report

it IS!!…You need a "Happy Light" ..I have one I still haven't opened since xmas…hmmm..infact…thanks for the reminder…I might need to test this sucker out! lol

edtrine 2010-01-23 10:50:00 -0600 Report

tell me about it. I live in Michigan. Just remember one thing smile people will wonder what your up to. lol

Deb-G 2010-01-23 08:56:04 -0600 Report

Ok…My piss n moan for today is the phrase "when it rains, it pours!"…

The truth in that statement is really pissing me off this week…

I leave for Mayo this weekend…so..i'm already a little freaked out, stressed, and trying to pack ( HATE packing! )…I'm so anemic I worked very little this week…I'm so very tired…My sugars have been "just ok" but only because i'm driving myself nuts trying to keep them stable before I go…

Mid-Week my father in law passes unexpectedly…a bit of a family shock, he was only 69…Heart attack but a not well controlled diabetic (he was not good about his health)…So add wake, and funeral to my schedule and stress load…

Last night…my youngest dog…and if you know me i am totally a dog lover lol…they are my babies…My little english bulldog is just the joy of my days…my children are jealous HAHA…seriously though she is so sweet and attached to my hip…anyway, I see blood when she goes out to pee…but not like blood in the urine…like bleeding after she urinates…So now add that to my freaked out status lol…So i'm going to try and get her into the vet before I leave for Mayo or I will worry all week that someone else isn't taking care of it properly…Did i mention i'm OCD? HAHAHA…but omg I love this little dog!

So…what was i saying?…OH…THIS WEEK SUCKS…lol…so far 2010 sucks…really…nothing good in this entire month!

It can only get better right?…Man, even that sucks LOL…its so bad anything will seem better?…Boo!

Ok…done venting…If I dont bitch some more today I will bitch when I come home from MN lol



cc9 2010-01-23 09:48:38 -0600 Report

debbie, i am sorry to hear about your father-in-law. and your dog. i pray your dog is okay. and my thoughts with you when you go to hospital. dont stress. i know easier said than done but stressing is not going to accomplish anything other than send your sugars up.

packrat2 2010-01-23 10:47:40 -0600 Report

Deb-G..I hope your little dog will be O.K..I know how much we love our pets…best regards packrat2

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2010-01-23 11:00:41 -0600 Report


Again, I am so sorry for everything you are going through…Now your precious baby… I know how you feel, I have one too. She has not been feeling well lately either…She was throwing up the other day, and I can tell that she isn't feeling well, she's like her mom, all she wants to do is lie around, and do nothing. I agree, so far 2010 has really sucked!!! I really need to piss n moan, myself, but I don't even know where to begin my pissing n moaning…LOL. I have been in a funk for weeks now, and I don't know how to pull myself out of it… My nerves are shot! I can't seem to pull my head out of my ass and get moving…I have been in bed off and on for days now; I just don't seem to want to do anything. I told my husband last night that I just get so tired of fighting everything…If it isn't over the kids, it's all of this garbabe in my head, or worring with the diabetes, trying to do what I am suppose to do… If I could just throw my hands up and quit, I think I would. I know that it doesn't help my husband with the mood that I have been in lately, but I don't know what to do…My heart goes out to you, knowing what you are going through, and here I am moaning over all of my problems. I certainly hope you get to feeling better soon…I know how it is trying to pack and get ready for a trip when you don't feel like it…Hang in there sweetie, I love you. Lots of hugs to you…Sue

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2010-01-23 11:31:48 -0600 Report

Deb, was your father-in-law a type 1 or 2?

Deb-G 2010-01-23 12:47:20 -0600 Report

Sue…he was a Type 2…but..didn't pay alot of attention to it…He was a very independent man and very much to himself…but we all knew he wasn't going to the doctors like he should (for any reason)…Thankfully my hubby isn't diabetic…My own side of the family has both Type 1's and Type 2's…so…I watch my kids closely :(

Deb-G 2010-01-23 12:49:49 -0600 Report

Btw…Doggie has an appt at 2:00…I suppose the good thing she isn't acting ill…but you know dogs dont show discomfort till its REALLY really uncomfy…so i'm gonna get her all checked out today…

Thank you for the kind words by the way…I know sometimes people think words aren't enough…but…they truly are a gift of kindness…dont underestimate the power of your wishes…I appreciate them all :)

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2010-01-23 13:37:36 -0600 Report

Let us know what the doctor has to say about your baby!

donna13 2010-01-23 13:45:43 -0600 Report

When I was at my son's on Christmas their cat, who is about 18, kept going to them and crying. She even started to do it to me although she has never made up to me much before. My son said she probably had crystals in her urine, she'd had it before. There wasn't a lot they could do for her, the vet always said to leave her alone and see if she could pass them by herself. There was this poor little cat going from one to another pleading with us to help her. I'd try to pick her up and comfort her but that wasn't what she wanted. Very pathetic. But the next day she was fine, so I guess she passed it by herself. I sure hope your dog is ok, they do worry us just like our children do.

Beav 2010-01-24 22:37:46 -0600 Report

Oh no Deb, I am so sorry for your loss. my prayers go out to you and your family!

And poor little pup, is she going into season maybe?

Deb-G 2010-01-29 21:41:40 -0600 Report

Thx all for listening to me whine! lol…The doggy showed no stones in her xrays…so good news there…and they think she may have a stubborn UTI that was resisting the first round of antibiotics (she is spayed so I knew she wasn't in heat) :) …so she started a new Rx while I went off to Mayo…I'm home from Mayo…alot of info to absorb…but…a positive visit…quite the place!

kaydee 2010-01-30 11:38:30 -0600 Report

hi deb,

1st, am soooo relieved to hear both you and the dog are doing well. Have been away from my PC for several days, so jumped on and came here as soon as I could.

2nd. Thank you so much for starting this. This has been such a relief to see and I have LOL several times and certainly have related to many posts.

3rd. Hope everything went well at Mayo. I know what you mean. After trying for over a year to find an endocrinologist who is willing to work with pumpers, I finally managed to get an appt at a Joslin Center. Was very pleased and grateful for my 1st 2 visits. The down side is, of course, we are in the process of adjusting my pump settings, so I am going through the ups and downs, like over 300 and then 60 2 hrs later. It's a HAUL, but am too stubborn not to follow through the proces as I AM going to make some great things happen for all I've been going through.

Thank you, again, for being such an inspiration.

Love, best wishes, and prayers. :)

Deb-G 2010-01-31 13:13:43 -0600 Report

Joslin is wonderful!…I started out there when I lived in the Boston area…Great place to be taken care of :)

AddassaMari 2010-01-23 00:45:31 -0600 Report

Something that really bugs me is— why do medical offices feel they have the right to waste my time? You call make an appointment and they ask you to be there 15, 20 or even 30 minutes early. Excuse me !!

Did I not just spend 10 minutes on the phone with you while you trip the light fantastic through the doctors' schedule. And did we not just agree to a specific date and time? So why in blue blazes do I need to be there 15 minutes early? If you wanted me there at 1245, why did you bloody well not say so? Is my time not as valuable as the doctors'? If I have a 1:00 pm appointment, why do I need to be wasting my time sitting in the waiting room?

Elrond 2010-01-23 00:54:22 -0600 Report

You're right. One day, I had an appointment at the VA and despite 2 flat tires and a traffic jam, I arrived precisely at my appointment time. The nurse chewed me out; saying that I was the reason for all the scheduling trouble they were having and refused to let me see the doctor.

tholz 2010-01-23 00:58:49 -0600 Report

That's b/s. They tell me to be there early but I am never early. I always have the grandson with me.

AddassaMari 2010-01-23 01:00:43 -0600 Report

It seem your VA hospital is terrible. I have been late for appointments up to 30 minutes and still get seen.

jayabee52 2010-01-23 01:03:22 -0600 Report

I hope you reported her a$$ to the appropriate people! You made it ON TIME! There's no reason for her to go off on you like that! Just because SHE's frustrated because of of "scheduling problems". Of course you just had "a walk in the park" getting there didn't you?

Elrond 2010-01-23 01:05:56 -0600 Report

I wrote a rather strongly worded letter to the hospital administrator. Since then, I have always been greeted by a different nurse.

imsuzie2 2010-01-23 04:13:51 -0600 Report

The ONE time we were more than 15 mins late, years ago, they made my husband re-schedule. We never had a problem since, and I don't think we EVER get anywhere early! Just not 15 mins or more late! I'm glad you wrote to the hospital administrator! Next time you see "her", smile and wave! LOL

edtrine 2010-01-23 10:43:08 -0600 Report

I not only showed up a few minutes late for an appointment and was still seen i have called for an appointment with a problem and saw my doctor an hour and a half after the call. I have a good doctor.

tholz 2010-01-22 22:28:38 -0600 Report

I dont under stand all this diabects stuff at all. Has $ for stuff he wants/needs. New ins I canr stand. Have to pay for mes are self than get money back. Waiting for the flex card. He hubby waits till the last day to finish paper work. So hope it comes next week. Will be calling around to check prices. I know this is bull. But I do not know where to go to get meds free till can pay for them.
Got call from Dr about my test most are ok. Vit D ie real bad so I have to get a perschurm? for the dr. Stronger than over the counter I have to take for 8 weeks than test again.

jaclyncrystal 2010-01-22 18:50:04 -0600 Report

I am so very glad you started this subject, I enjoy reading all the P and M so many of them I totally agree with, some make me laugh which in turn makes me forget what I was gripping about. Good luck to everyone. This is really great. jackie

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2010-01-22 13:16:49 -0600 Report

See, didn't I say that VENTING was the best medicine?! But you girls just gave a lighter, manner in which to "let go: and piss and moan!! And look at your following!! Great Girls, go for it and may we all feel BETTER!!! I have already "let loose" so have nothing to add at this point—— Love to ALL, Pat Roth

BeckyJ 2010-01-22 13:01:54 -0600 Report

All right here's my newest p&m. Went to the eye doctor for yearly check-up…2 years since the last one since I couldn't afford to go. Waited forever to get back then waited even longer to get gunk to dialate eyes. Doc came back to say "You're retinopathy is worse why aren't your sugars under better control" Huh…retinopathy? That's new to me. Last visit they just changed my script. Then he proceded to give me a doom and gloom report on how high sugars ruin your eyes. Scared me s___less. Then he realized he scared me and started apologizing all over himself. Appt ended with a new script and a lecture on regular exams? I try and stay informed but I don't know EVERYTHING. Got more information from the mayclinic website than I did from the actual doc! Okay I'm done. Just have to deal. All the new diagnosis' and I could be a doc myself. lol.

donna13 2010-01-22 13:18:25 -0600 Report

I'm so sorry to hear your bad news. Last year I was diagnosed with macular degeneration, so I know scary it is to have something wrong with your eyes. I went to a site, http://retinaeyedoctor.com/ , that explains different retina problems. (I'm afraid I don't know how to copy the site name so you can just click on it.) I hope you can come to terms with this new setback.

Deb-G 2010-01-22 14:09:28 -0600 Report

So sorry Becky…hang in there…once you get over the shock you can decide the best way to proceed and limit progression…((hugs)) to you..

imsuzie2 2010-01-22 20:41:03 -0600 Report

Becky, I am also sorry to hear of your retinopathy. Does that mean you had a leakage of fluid, and now have a spot in your field of vision? My husband had centralceris (sp?) retinopathy in the 80's. At that time they used laser to seal the leak, now they recommend rest for 6 to 8 weeks, I think the doc told him. The laser formed a scar so he will always have the spot. No other problems because of it, if this helps at all?

Donna, my daddy and mom-in-law both had/have macular degeneration. Both had/have side vision, and mom-in-law at 93 hasn't been deterred. She listens to book on tape, free from Braille Institute, uses the computer in huge font and watches TV on her computer. Daddy had some great devices available to him, but he was not into new things and wouldn't try. I know you will find the things to help you see as long as you wish. Good luck and hugs. S2

donna13 2010-01-22 21:02:17 -0600 Report

I have a sister who is legally blind from MD. And a sister who passed away who was also blind. There are 2 kinds of MD, wet and dry. I was lucky, in a way, to get the wet kind. This is a bleed in the eye, and I was referred to a great retina dr. who did laser surgery with a new type of laser that he says he has had great results with. When I woke up one morning I was virtually blind in that eye, but I now have about 20-40 vision in it. My one sister had the wet kind, but they did not have the knowledge to treat it then. My other sister has the dry kind, which is just a gradual deterioration of the sight. There is no real treatment for that kind. Both my sisters had devices to help them and seem to have coped remarkably well. MD has nothing to do with diaetes, neither of my sisters had/have it. But according to the web site, I will not get diabetic retinopathy, too. For some reason, if you have one you don't get the other. By the way this fantastic doctor is in the Chicago suburbs.

imsuzie2 2010-01-22 22:23:54 -0600 Report

As with your family, one has wet and 1 dry, but can't remember which was which. Think daddy had dry and mom-in-law has wet.

Both of my parents and my husband's (as well as hubby) were born in Chicago. I have lots of family still there. Remember one October and the wind and being so cold I thought I would never warm up. And we were just visiting for a week! And, going to the city for a long weekend for a wedding of a cousin and seeing a Cubs, Sox and Brewers game. Full weekend!! And fun. Hugs

Beav 2010-01-24 22:31:05 -0600 Report

I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Hangf in there you will get everything under control just takes time and the more you learn the better! (((Hugs)))

Oh I felt the same way. Terrified, I stopped driving because my eyes would blur in and out. Haven't driven in 5 yrs. My last 2 exams the doc said she saw no more crystals forming, so I am am so glad about that. I had finally gotten my sugar under control. I still get blurry vision though. I have to use different pairs of glasses as my eyes change a lot on me.

tholz 2010-01-22 00:25:47 -0600 Report

I have the over the counter stuff. And I do have stuff to take my b/s. I do not have the other pills as of yet. We have to psy for all up front. We will see. If it for his buut he would have it as we speck. The old way was 40 $ copay. Now we have to pay for it all are selfs. Will keep you posted.

dietcherry 2010-01-22 13:14:28 -0600 Report

There is another discussion about how to get aid for diabetic supplies and meds. There is a lot of info in that thread so please check it out if you are unable to pay for stuff and are having to go without! Good luck to you! Renee :)

2010-01-21 13:57:33 -0600 Report

Is it P&M or just a state of confusion…But I hate to hear people say, " your meds are only 4.00 at Walmart" I KNOW THAT!!!!!! its the full price I have to pay my doctor for my visit because my employer doesn't provide health insurance. Alot of times I have to go w/o my meds b/c I can't afford the doctor's visit to get the new prescription!!!. I don't want to rule the world or give Obama the chance to rule it…I just want affordable healthcare so I can buy and take my meds regularly.

dietcherry 2010-01-21 14:50:53 -0600 Report

Amen! And by the grace of God, it's coming!!! Renee :)

JulieC 2010-01-21 18:43:57 -0600 Report

I think all unisured people should coverge on the lawn of the white house and demand afforable health care!!! Why do we all sit back and take what the government does to us. In the 60s…people stood up and protested…no one does that anymore. They had the million man march…now have the "millions" uninsured march!! But..it seems that no one has the balls to stand up and fight for their rights anymore…too bad.
There I been reading this thing since it started…now Ive pissed and moaned!! LOL

donna13 2010-01-21 19:43:28 -0600 Report

I'll sign up, and I have Medicare and also insurance from the place I retired from. But I am appalled at how the congress is playing politics with this problem.

Deb-G 2010-01-21 20:40:07 -0600 Report

and none of us can drive a bus to get us there because we're all diabetic??…lol…wow, its worse then i thought! I'm going to eat some worms! :-/

JulieC 2010-01-22 04:58:50 -0600 Report

thats true..they took my DOT card the day after I was put on inselin…so nope even I cant drive a bus there LOL and Im a bus driver!

JulieC 2010-01-22 05:00:12 -0600 Report

Maybe we should copy all this and send to the president? Maybe he might get the hint? Naaaaaa

JulieC 2010-01-22 05:00:24 -0600 Report

Maybe we should copy all this and send to the president? Maybe he might get the hint? Naaaaaa

2010-01-23 18:27:27 -0600 Report

I think that even if we went to DC the President wouldn't listen to us because we aren't movie stars. He seems to have gone Hollywood. (sighs) dietcherry you and julie are so funny, but the fact remains..we are sick and no one in office seems to care. we don't deserve this treatment. (sighs again)

JulieC 2010-01-24 06:43:44 -0600 Report

Yes Oh how I know…I do have insurance…but at one time I didnt…and I had to go without my meds…and its not fun at all…so I been there done that…My young adult kids…are in the same boat…no insurance…low pay jobs…when they are sick…and they have their problems…they have no where to go…so unfair…the age group between 25 and 35 are the most unhealthy of all and most of them are going to be so sick when they get older…because they never had health care to prevent problems. I better be quiet now…I will get very angry…this is my biggist problem with our country…everyone has a right to see a doctor…and get care when needed…not just the rich…and ALL of our governmen officials.. who of which.. WE pay their salerys! They are supost to work for us…instead that got turned around and we SLAVE for them, and get nothing inreturn. Ohh crap…Im mad now! LOl

Guardianstone 2010-10-10 11:03:53 -0500 Report

Yes I know this post is late but it says much of what I want to say. I fought for the pencil pushers, political degenerates, nut cases, freeks fools, weirdo's, tightwads, nincompoops, airheads, Knitpickers, and every other lying sack of dog fertilizer in America. I fought for their rights to tell me I can't get any help from anyone. I do not have any (as in NO) money, insurance, transportation (buses included), jobs, medical, dental . . . I resigned over ten years ago when I had a nervous breakdown. I haven't worked since, SOOOOO social security won't help me in any way.
My husband is dying, and medicare is removing many of his benifits. They want us to pay for doctors, medicine, treatment, therapy and everything else first and wait for reimbursement.
He gets a disability payment for $1260. We also get 155 for food stamps. $1000 goes to rent, phone, utilities. $200 for food, $18+ for transportation. ($6 for me $3 for him per day) Oops price increase. So if there was 3 times transportation was needed that would be $27. His medical before changes $180. Household expenses (cat food, litter, shampoo, toilet paper, dish soap etc.) $50. Now this doesn't leave money for 17 meds, doctors, and asprin for me. Lets see the total income is $1415 expendatures are $1457 with no resturants, laundry, shoes, clothes, treats, stamps, alka-seltzer, cabs or trips to the library. $42 over each month.
I run out of food and money a week before the check comes in. My clothes and shoes were goodwill hand-me-downs when I bought them. They are falling off me with age and use. I have been using the same materials over and over for crafts, I've read the same books more than 20 times. I have become numb. Retirement money went the first year. Savings haven't exsisted since before 1995. Every one in both families that could help has been tapped out. We might have enough to keep us in our appartment for another month. I have nothing left to pawn or sell. Anger has given over to despiration.
I supported the people that have taken everything from me. I defended my country, and find that I have no rights anymore.
Any suggestions?
Guardian stone

donna13 2010-01-22 09:02:44 -0600 Report

I didn't know that if you are on insulin they don't let you drive. That really makes it a double whammy. I'd be lost without my car.

JulieC 2010-01-22 19:30:35 -0600 Report

No donna, thay dont take your car, or license. I am a bus driver with a CDL license..They take your DOT card from you which prevents one from driving a bus with more than 13 passengers. Or a semi truck driver..if he looses his DOT card he cant drive a semi truck. Yes double wammy if you loose your card and job and insurance. I was lucky…my company has 9 passenger vans so I still drive and work they are very good about working with me. thank-Goodness

donna13 2010-01-21 10:29:16 -0600 Report

In the vein of this discussion, yesterday was my birthday (no, I'm not asking for birthday wishes - I come from a large family and everyone remembered me). Since it was Wednesday, I realized I was born on a Wednesday. The old nursery rhyme states Wednesday's child is full of woe. I guess that's my legacy. And no, I don't feel like I'm full of woe - I am so blessed is so many ways. But I still will P&M.

dietcherry 2010-01-21 10:34:12 -0600 Report

Hey Donna! I am Thursday's child, so I have far to go. My question Is: How do I know when I've arrived?! Happy belated birthday! Renee :)

Deb-G 2010-01-21 13:33:33 -0600 Report

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

We're all full of woe at one time or another :)

I'm a Thursdays child…I have far to go! hahaha! forgot about that old saying!

donna13 2010-01-21 13:49:05 -0600 Report

Monday's child is fair of face, Tuesday's child is full of grace (or vice versa), Wednesday's child is full of woe, Thursday's child has far to go, Friday's child is loving and giving, Saturday's day child works hard for a living. I can't remember Sunday's child, but I think it went on and on how special that child is.

Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2010-01-21 13:56:01 -0600 Report

I just looked it up, and I was born on a Monday, and the earth stood still, da do ron ron, da do ron ron… :D

Deb-G 2010-01-21 20:37:58 -0600 Report

Renee…We (thursdays kids)…are just hamsters in the wheel of life…running running but never getting anywhere lol

dietcherry 2010-01-21 21:44:40 -0600 Report

It's time to get off that wheel and hail a taxi! I don't know where I'm going but I'm in a hurry to get there!