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This is mostly for newbies.
A short list of diabetic orginizations with excellent information;

.American Diabetes Association (ADA) leading non profit health org.providing research,information and advocacy.

.American Indian and Minority Health,Inc. -non-profit foundation designed to promote the healthy benefits of a traditional ,native americandiet.

.British Society For Paedriatric Endocrinology and diabetes-seeks toadvance education in paediatric endocrinology and related subjectsby promoting research and disseminating the useful results of such research.

.Canadian Diabetes Association-Resource for people with and affected by,diabetes and for heaalthcare professionals treating those affected by the disease.

.DOCS Foundation- Deveops and strengthens annual fundraising events for the sole purpose of donating all profits to medical research for a cure for juvenile diabetes.

.European Society for Paediatric Endocriniology (ESPE) raining in paediatric endocrinology is an important priority for the society. ESPE has been officially designated by the European Commision to be the body responsible for organizing and monitoring training in paediatric endocrinology.

.Insulin Pumpers- provides information and support for adults and children with diabetesand their families interested in insulin pump therapy. Pumpin' Kids there is a speciaaal section devotedto children with diabetesand the stories about how an insulin pump has changed their lives.

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