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Blue Angel
By Blue Angel Latest Reply 2010-01-20 19:44:49 -0600
Started 2010-01-18 18:43:19 -0600

Have anyone ever tried alli to help manage diet or weight lose? If so how did you like it ? Did it work? Are you still managing your weight?

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Deb-G 2010-01-18 20:43:59 -0600 Report

Diet gimics are my biggest pet pieve…its a shame to prey on the feelings of people desperate to lose weight…the same way we jump on people wanting to sell us miracle cures for our diabetes…There simply aren't any…

Blue Angel
Blue Angel 2010-01-18 20:03:53 -0600 Report

I've had some pills like these from a diet doctor about 7 years ago, but he gave me a deit sheet and how to use it. I was not a diabetic a the time an it worked without any side affects or problems for me or the people I new were taking them. Now Alli suppose to be a mild vergin of the fat burners the doctors give,No?

Donna777 2010-01-18 19:50:24 -0600 Report

I'm a RN Case Manager and today we were informed from our company that Alli pills have been tampered with/altered with an unknown chemical and not to I would be very cautious.. just a fyi =-)

justgeo1 2010-01-18 19:53:46 -0600 Report

The only Alli pills that are suspect are some that are being sold "below cost" on the internet. These are counterfieted pills.

Blue Angel
Blue Angel 2010-01-18 19:59:03 -0600 Report

Isn't these pills given by doctors under another name?

lisaw 2010-01-20 19:10:46 -0600 Report

It is and the name is Xenical and they have some nasty side effects one being the back door trotts if you eat too much fat

Deb-G 2010-01-20 19:40:21 -0600 Report

"back door trotts" !! Ok I have never heard that expression before but that is hysterical!…well..not if your experiencing it lol…too funny Lisa

justgeo1 2010-01-18 19:39:26 -0600 Report

You need to use Alli cautiously, because eating too much fat while on it can cause some really bad side effects. It would be better to just moderate your way of eating.

Anonymous 2010-01-18 19:04:52 -0600 Report

When I listen to Wynonna Judd it is soooo tempting to buy Alli, then I look at my bank account and decide to keep the money in MY pocket..LOL

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