High Morning Blood Sugars

By MikeM Latest Reply 2010-01-18 21:11:43 -0600
Started 2010-01-18 16:16:30 -0600

While seem to be able to control my blood sugar during my waking hours, I am finding it goes high during sleep. What can I do?

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justgeo1 2010-01-18 19:43:33 -0600 Report

If you aren't on insulin, then a protien snack at bedtime should help. Dawn phenomenon is universal, but those of us that have diabetes notice it. It's our bodies way of getting ready to start the day. It's also a good idea to have breakfast as soon as you get up so your body doesn't over react and shoot more sugar into your system.

Deb-G 2010-01-18 20:46:04 -0600 Report

Geo you read my mind! :)

Just pick your snack wisely or it wont be all that much help…best to pick a good protein snack with few carbs…

Danni-the-diabetic 2010-01-18 18:26:24 -0600 Report

I have the same problem and I am slowly increasing my nighttime 70/30 slow release insulin. I usually go to bed very late or wake up in the middle of the night and check it. I don't alway go to bed very late or wake up in the middle of the night, but when I do, like last night, it helps with my morning results. But you may have to increase your meds a little, or like Deb said, eat a snack.

Deb7892 2010-01-18 17:58:27 -0600 Report

The same thing was happening to me…My doctor added Januvia to my meds…and told me to eat a snack before bedtime…Seems to be working for me…Fasting BS are about 100 every morning now…


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