Unstable blood sugars before and durring you cycle

By 80sgirl71 Latest Reply 2010-01-18 18:18:30 -0600
Started 2010-01-17 01:53:17 -0600

Usually the day before I start, I am fighting bs lows all day. The next day when I start my period my bs levels spike. Does anyone else have any problems with bs levels at "that time of the month?"

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Monalisa 2010-01-18 18:18:30 -0600 Report

Hahahaha!!! You guys are wonderful! you all make my day a brighter one!
Even in (those) days you make me laugh or smile at least, thanks all for being who you are and sharing it with us!
Love you all…Hugs…LISA

cc9 2010-01-18 06:27:54 -0600 Report

lol does being a raging, teary, depressed, illogical woman just before the time count as having low bs?

Harlen 2010-01-17 08:15:08 -0600 Report

Well I do not lol
I know frends that do and like you they know that the 1 or 2 days befor they start they see that there BS dropping so they know to cover for it and on the 2nd or 3rd day they cut it down its a good thing to know. We are all difrent
Glad you know what it dose to you.
Best wishes

salmanda 2010-01-17 09:57:02 -0600 Report

Thanks for the laugh Harlen! I burst right out in a hearty laugh when I read the first line of your response!
I never even thought about blood sugars fluctuating with a woman's periods. Interesting. I no longer have that problem, thank God!
I wonder if blood sugars are affected by hot flashes though!! lol
Sal :)

Harlen 2010-01-17 11:45:39 -0600 Report

I dont know, I asked some frends and they dont think so but we are all difrent you may???
And thank you you give me a good chukle too lol
I guss I have something to sey for every thing lol. I think I am nuts lol

salmanda 2010-01-17 18:30:59 -0600 Report

You are not nuts Harlen. I, and many others, think you are a kind and caring man. You always post great comments.
Sal :)