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I am new enough to diabetes that I haven't been through diabetic classes yet , scheduled for feb. I am wondering if anyone one has home canning recipes. My wife & I do a very large garden & can alot of our fruits & veges to keep for the winter months . unfortunately most of my recipes call for lots of sugar or salt . I am T2 , high blood pressure , & high cholesterol . so I need some help figuring how I can preserve my garden in a healthier way for myself & others to enjoy. hope I may be able to get some direction b 4 I start this years seed order . have a great day all !!! Marty

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GabbyPA 2010-03-23 19:23:00 -0500 Report

Here are some that are on the site: and

I am going to be working some out this canning season, so I will share them with you as they work (and what doesn't work) We also do a good sized garden and I am teaching myself to can as well. I would not use Splenda, but use Stevia or Xylitol for your sweeteners. Or I do sometimes use raw sugar, but less of it and make sure I use a sure jell to set my jams.

I have not done veggies yet, but I am going to do that and some pickling as well and post them in the recipes. So keep your eyes open for those. And please, if you find some good recipes, share them with us all. There are a lot of canners on the site.

MeiMei 2010-01-20 13:13:58 -0600 Report

Just don't add the salt and sugar. If you want to add sweetening add Splenda, go on their website to see the equivalents. Canned goods don't really need the sugar or salt, think what happened back in the old days when there was very little salt or sugar to use, they certainly did not add gobs of it in their preserved foods.

Susie624 2010-01-16 19:57:43 -0600 Report

If you will go to ball blue book you will find recipes for canning. It is the Ball canning site.Has low sugar low salt recipes.

cc9 2010-01-16 19:30:05 -0600 Report

um maybe the fruit and vegs can be dried. dried fruit makes a lovely snack and you can also puree some fruit and dry it like a fruit leather.

mamaoak 2010-01-16 18:25:49 -0600 Report

yes i did tomatoes red pepperjelly i do not use much salt or sugar. i used splenda also made chilliesause. but have not canned any fruit you can exchange the sugar for splenda orjust do fruit wih out add when you eat if needed fruit has natrual sugar,

Susie624 2010-01-16 18:13:57 -0600 Report

My uncle was diabetic and my aunt always canned lot of things everyyear.She always followed the old standby but left out salt and sugers.The food ways always good,

Harlen 2010-01-16 18:11:25 -0600 Report

I dont put any sugar or sweetner in my veg when I can.and fruit I use apple cider as the sweetner and as a thickner
hope this helps ?
Best wishes

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