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Blue Angel
By Blue Angel Latest Reply 2011-01-29 01:22:49 -0600
Started 2010-01-15 16:27:31 -0600

Have anyone ever been cure of Diabetes? I heard that you can cure diabets. But is it true for both type 1 &2 diabetes? Or Is it just under control?

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bigmacpie 2011-01-29 01:22:49 -0600 Report

My doctor told me that there was no cure, that I will always have diabetes but with proper diet and exercise I can control it. Well I hoping one day there will be a cure too. As for my diabetes I was at a 12.8 A1c when diagnosed then down to 5.4 A1c when I went in for my follow up. I haven't really changed my eating much except for cutting out straight sugar and candy and haven't started exercising yet, kind of hard after being fat, lazy and depressed for the last 2 years which is probably why I got diabetes in the first place. The only real change was what I started taking everyday. Not to sound like an advertisement, but I started taking a daily supplement and been on 1000 mg Metformin the first 3 months and after the follow up the doc he reduced it to 500 mg. I'm still on the supplements and Metformin. I test my BS every other day and it is usually 100 or below. Every now and then I test it 2 hours after a meal and it's normally at about 120. I hope he takes me off the Metformin when I go back in for a follow up next month. I sent him all the information about the supplements to get his approval but haven't heard anything back yet. I will run out of the supplements in another day or two and am curious if my BS will go up. If they do, you can bet your but I'll be rush ordering some more.

Hinboyz3 2010-01-16 07:05:22 -0600 Report

I know you can get it under control, but their is no cure as of yet. We are all hoping trust me.

kdroberts 2010-01-15 19:27:22 -0600 Report

Control only, there is no cure. Beware anyone who tells you otherwise, especially if they are selling something or if the they say that "they" are trying to hide it. The classic line that is 100% true, if there was a cure it would be on every news channel, every diabetes website and you wouldn't be able to hide from it.

thiruvelan 2010-01-15 19:21:58 -0600 Report

To my best knowledge there is no proved cure of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Many claimed there is a cure for diabetes, but I think it is not possible to cure still possible to keep the BS near normal or at normal.

salmanda 2010-01-15 19:02:55 -0600 Report

Unless medical science finds a cure, we are all diabetics for life. You can get your diabetes under control, and possibly go off meds, etc., but you will always have to follow a strict diet to stay in control of your blood sugars.

SkipT 2010-01-15 17:13:28 -0600 Report

There is no cure. As a type 2,I am able to maintain control through diet and exercise. If I were to go back to my old habits I would be back in serious trouble again.

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