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By cc9 Latest Reply 2010-01-13 20:19:30 -0600
Started 2010-01-13 00:52:59 -0600

i came across an advertisement in my copy of diabetic living mag and there is this bar which looks quite good.
check it out on
the product is made in USA. sorry guys if i posted it incorrectly as i am still navigating my way around all the different forums et al.

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spiritwalker 2010-01-13 20:19:30 -0600 Report

I use several things for a bed time snack. Fresh veggies,string
cheese[low fat], stone ground whole wheat crackers with
low fat peanut butter, brow n rice cake with peanut butter,

William1942 2010-01-13 17:55:12 -0600 Report

I find a couple of pieces of celery and some peanut butter helps about two hrs before bedtime. I also take my last pill (metformin) at bedtime.

Harlen 2010-01-13 17:31:45 -0600 Report

Some freesh veg helps me get thrue the night and low carb
this stuff looks like they are pawr bars
not something I can have
just to much in it for me to eat
Best wishes

spiritwalker 2010-01-13 14:59:51 -0600 Report

Extend bars have been on the market for sometime.
They are expensive and high in calories. You have to buy a case at a time.

cc9 2010-01-13 19:25:57 -0600 Report

thanks. i wasnt sure if its a new product or not. sometimes i have a weight watchers snack bar.

Deb-G 2010-01-13 10:15:56 -0600 Report

These are actually pretty high in Carbs if you look at it compared to others on the market…the bars have 21g of carbs, and most diabetic friendly bars have 9g or less carbs…While the 12g of protein is a good content (although still low compared to some) it is much outweighed by that carb content…

Atkins Advantage bars or Atkins Daybreak bars you can get right in any grocery store, pharmacy store or walmart and they are 11g-19g of protein…BUT…only 1g sugar…So thats a low carb night-time snack for you :) still only 150 calories also…Same ratio but in the opposite direction (protein more then carbs) which is desired for diabetic consumption…

South beach diet bars are awesome too…10g of protein and only 6g carbs…the protein outweighs the carbs which is ideal…

South beach meal bars have a whopping 19g of protein to 1 carb…about 200 cal.

The best bars for diabetic control all have carbs under 9g and protein higher then the carbs…

Hope this helps…

These are def not the worst on the market tho!! but its important to note your protein ratio :)

Thank you for sharing! :)

cc9 2010-01-13 10:24:10 -0600 Report

np. just stuff i came across. good to have different feedback.

Deb-G 2010-01-13 10:30:15 -0600 Report

Yes yes…its all good…we are ALL still learning…

I'm on a high protein, low carb, diet of sorts this past year…and OMG its so not easy…and the advertising is much the same as for "low fat" "sugar free"…its what they want you to interpret…it makes our jobs all the harder!

No fair :(

btw..some of you may not need to be as tight in your diets as me…so…that changes things between us…maybe your daily carb alottment is higher…or the focus is different…

Its individual too :)