LADA AKA Type 1 1/2 Diabetes

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Looking for more information on Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults. After much testing was diagnosed with this. Always thought I was a type 2 dispite initial diagnosis when I was 21… not 54… does explain a lot as far as my health goes.

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Pamtime 2010-01-14 08:45:44 -0600 Report

I am not sure if there is anything I can do. From what I am told and have read the pancreas will eventually stop producing insulin. When my endo in California did the testing I was at 16%. I am looking for a new endo in Oregon for follow up. Currently being followed by internal med doc. I know since starting insulin I am sure putting weight on. It is disturbing. I have always worked to maintain a very tight diabetic diet. I do not cheat. It took 2 years to break the sweet tooth. I don't even eat sugar free candy, Fresh fruit is the sweet.

I am curious if there are others on this list that have this iLADA as well. It does not seem to be well known. I thought the pharmacist was going to laugh be out of the line when he asked me what type I was and replied 1.5… he laughed heartily and replied there were to kinds. The first kind of diabetes was Type 1 which produced no insulin and Type 2 which produced some unuable insulin.
So still seeking more information.

kdroberts 2010-01-14 08:59:02 -0600 Report

It's not a recognized diagnosis. Have your doctor test for type 1 antibodies to know for sure. Really you are in a weird situation, you are way out of the normal time frame for LADA to come on, insulin need for the majority is within 5-10 years of initial diagnosis so your 34 years doesn't fit well with that. Do you know the tests that you had that your doctor used to diagnose it?

The weight gain is probably explainable. If you are used to eating a diet and having low insulin levels your body will use the food you are eating more efficiently when you start insulin therapy so it's essentially like you are eating more even though you aren't. You may have to re-evaluate your diet to maintain the weight you want.

Really the type doesn't matter it's how you live with it. The tools to manage different types may be a little different but the ultimate goal is the same.

Harlen 2010-01-13 12:46:17 -0600 Report

Well now you know
sorry that It was so long in coming
Is there anything you can do to help this???
Best wishes

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