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Is it just me, or do we seem to get hit harder when we get sick. My son had a "summer cold" it lasted about 3 days. I've not got it and it's been longer than that and seems worse. My nose weighs a ton, my eyes are watery, and my appetite is almost non existent, My lvls are higher and I feel really tired. Is it like this with everyone? What do you do to stay positive when all you want to do is crawl in bed and hibernate? Sorry if I sound grouchy.

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Melissa Dawn
Melissa Dawn 2008-07-17 11:06:04 -0500 Report

I definitely seem to have a harder time getting over a sickness than most people. I make sure to check my blood sugars more frequently, as well as your regular drink lots of fluids, eat carefully. Also, especially with cold medicines, be extra careful. They not only have lots of sugar in them, but they can cause your meds to be less productive.

If your numbers aren't level I imagine its going to make it harder for your body to fight the infection. Check with your doctor if you're having problems.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-07-17 08:48:54 -0500 Report

Make sure you follow your doctor's instructions for sick days. For my son, when he's sick he must check for ketones and change his insulin dosage if he had ketones.

So there may be something to do or adjust that would improve your levels and that would certainly help you feel better.

But you are absolutely right about illness hitting diabetics hard. The flu is absolutely terrifying.

Get well soon.

seawolf1944 2008-07-17 10:51:38 -0500 Report

Hello Gin, Diabetics do get hit harder.When,I had a virus back during the winter, I felt like,I had been kicked by a mule. I think maybe, It has to do with the effect by diabetes on our immune system. Our prayers are with you. Please get well soon.

DiabetesDiva 2008-07-17 05:05:25 -0500 Report

Hi Gin-

I've had a different experience with illness since being diagnosed as a type 2 last year. Prior to being diabetic I had such severe sinus infections, I was unable to work for 2 years. I was on antibiotics/steroids and my social life consisted of doctor visits. Many days I did not have the strength to get out of bed. I learned to "accept" the fact I was sick and did what I needed to do to get well. The thing that worked the best for me and recommended by my ENT was a sinus rinse by Neilmed. You can buy the kit at any drugstore and it's non toxic and inexpensive.

I have NOT had another infection since I was diagnosed.
For me, that's probably because I eat healthier. But each diabetic is different.

I do hope you feel better soon. I'm sure it's more challenging to be sick while taking care of your family.

Take care-


JoJoCooks 2008-07-17 02:39:15 -0500 Report

Hi Gin,

Sorry that you are not feeling well. I have been lucky so far and have not been sick since being diagnosed. What I can say is check with your doctor, maybe you need some antibiotics or something. We as diabetics do seem to get hit harder, it does take our bodies more time to heal after surgeries and being sick. Have some chicken soup and rest up.

Feel better soon.