Diabetes and self worth

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I hope you don't mind me sharing today's Daily Om. It seemed right on target with some of the discussions lately.

July 15, 2008
A Bad Habit
Being Hard On Ourselves

One of the key components of human consciousness that most of us need to address and change is our tendency to be hard on ourselves. We do this in ways that are both overt and subtle, and half the work sometimes is recognizing that we are doing it at all. For example, if we find it difficult to graciously accept compliments, this is probably a sign that we tend to be hard on ourselves. Other ways in which we express this tendency include never feeling satisfied with a job well done, always wanting to be and do better, and getting mad at ourselves for getting sick. Getting mad at ourselves at all indicates that we need to rescue ourselves from our learned ability to be unkind to ourselves.

In essence, when we are hard on ourselves, we send our bodies the message that we are not good enough. Whenever we do this, we do damage that will need to be addressed later, and we sap our systems of much-needed energy. Being hard on ourselves is a waste of precious time and energy that we could use in positive ways. To begin to understand how this works, we can think about times when someone made us feel that we weren’t good enough. Even just thinking about it will create an effect in our bodies that doesn’t feel good. We may be used to the feeling, but when we really tune into it, we instinctively know that it is not good for us on any level.

Like any bad habit, being hard on ourselves can be a challenging one to release, but the more we feel the burden it places on us, the more motivated we will be to change. At first, just noticing when we are doing it and how it makes us feel is enough. As our awareness increases, our innate impulse toward health and well-being will be activated, moving us out of danger and into a more positive and more natural relationship with ourselves.

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GabbyPA 2008-07-15 11:53:04 -0500 Report

BRAVO!! This is so very true, and because we feel all kinds of emotions attached to our daily reminder that we are diabetic, we can get so lost.
I know I talk about my husband a lot, but he is an inspiration to me about how we can be and do great things no matter what our hinderances are.
Self pitty is a waste of time and will do nothing but drive your friends away.
Self loathing is useless for overcoming anything. Why waste energy in that activity?
Don't look for compliments by beating yourself up, hoping someone will tell you it's okay.
We are stronger than that! And when we aren't, then we have great places like this to come to learn, vent, teach and inspire others. Thanks for posting this, it is great!

butterfly_8 2008-07-16 16:49:10 -0500 Report

Being positive is what keeps us all helping each other. Knowing that what we say and do on this site is reminding us that we matter to ourselves and to others.That is a strong incentive to not think or act in a defeative manner. The daily OM is special.


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