safflower oil

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Has anyone had an experience with the health benefits of this oil?

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jaclyncrystal 2010-01-26 15:52:57 -0600 Report

well it has not been 16 weeks yet and either the oil is helping or all that treadmill work is paying off, lost 1/2 inch around waist. jackie

jaclyncrystal 2010-01-22 20:58:36 -0600 Report

saw same article in same magazine have been using the oil on my salads and meals now for about a week, do not have enough testing to let you know results yet, will write again when I get on a scale or check my waist size. Hey I will try anything. jackie

AddassaMari 2010-01-05 17:37:40 -0600 Report

I read an article from Ohio State University that talks about research that was done. The article stated: "In the study, 16 weeks of supplementation with safflower oil reduced fat in the trunk area, lowered blood sugar and increased muscle tissue in the women participants." You can read the rest of it here :

ptsparkle 2010-01-05 13:57:36 -0600 Report

No, but a few days ago I read an article in my wifes magazine (Womans World). It claimed 2 teaspoons of safflower oil per day will knockoff pounds per week. I am skeptical, and would love to hear the same as you.
p.s. I only read it for the sudoku and crossword puzzle!!!LOL.

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