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hello…I have another question…I was started on Metformin and had Januvia added because my BS was high…lately…it has been low…very low…this morning at 730 FBS was 97 (which is where my dr said he wants it to be…) at 930 it was 67 — I had no signs of low BS…I ate a breakfast bar and retook my BG an hour later and it was 111 — any ideas? My next appt with my dr isn't until the 29th of January and I wasn't sure if I should call to see if I could get in earlier…




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thiruvelan 2010-01-08 19:07:40 -0600 Report

BS fluctuations are normal in diabetics, If it is low try to rise it by consuming glucose rich food & slightly cut down medication. If BS is high increase your medication and cut down carb. That's it and discuss with your doctor as per your appointment on 29th.

AddassaMari 2010-01-05 01:44:11 -0600 Report

Are you exercising? Bear in mind that exercise increase the body's sensitivity to insulin. You mentioned that your low was 67 but you had not problem, well everyone's low is different. That is why doctors give a range instead of a specific number. If you are comfortable with how you feel fine and are keeping within the range recommended by you doctor then you are doing something right (figure out what it is an keep doing it). But if you are really concerned, especially with the new medication, by all means talk to you doctor. Better to err on the side of caution.

Rocket 2010-01-06 22:17:51 -0600 Report

I just read your comment. I bet that you are not used to seeing readings below 100. 67 is not BAD, but, keep in mind that your body will be reacting differently to the new levels. Off the record, my doctor told me not to operate a vehicle if my BG is less then 100. I am insulin dependant and always have been, so to control strictly on diet and/or diet pills is tough (from talking with other type 2's). You might need to eat an extra carb on your meal exchanges until your next appointment (just a suggestion). 70 to 50 won't kill you, but might have a tendency to make you act stupid. Hope I'm not being too bloundt, but am interested in your best interest. I have had type 1 for 33 years and have had many hypoglycemic reactions; a few being tramatic. Don't go down that path. Sounds to me like you're doing better; 80-130 is ideal. Hope this helps.

AddassaMari 2010-01-06 22:49:45 -0600 Report

Whew! For a moment there, Rocket, I thought you were referring to my comment. Wow, 33 years and still going.

Elrond 2010-01-04 22:28:29 -0600 Report

For me, carbs are more important than measuring each bite of food. And I usually wind up estimating those. But that requires practice. For a beginner, you should measure each serving then calculate the amount of carbs you eat at a meal. Be sure to include everything. For instance, most meat is very low in carbs but if you eat a sandwich, the bread will boost the carbs way up. The same for some condiments. As an underweight type 1, I need a certain amount of carbs but I must count and control them. Most type 2's need to do it differently so follow recommendations.This is a great place for advice.

Harlen 2010-01-04 22:46:01 -0600 Report

for me the carbs are king but with the scale I know how menny are in it and with out I am just not that good a gessing

Harlen 2010-01-04 21:34:14 -0600 Report

I eat every morning hungry or not
and have my snak 2 hr later wish it or not by keepping my food intake on a clock I know what I am taking in and when this helps me so much to keep my blood sugar right where I wish it to be
hope this helps
do you know how to carb count???
this is a big thing to know how to do
if you know what your putting in, you will know what you can and can not eat or do for your diabetes.
Best wishes

Deb7892 2010-01-04 21:37:24 -0600 Report

Hi there! Yes I count carbs…I eat approx every 2 hours…I eat (even when I dont want to…) I feel like I am doing everything that I am supposed to be done…and when I get a reading that low…I just wonder…"where the heck did that come from?" I know from reading other posts that 67 isn't THAT low…but it is VERY low for me…and I guess the scary part was that I had NO signs at all…I have read everything I can get my hands on…so I knew what to watch for and got none of it…


paulbudman 2010-01-04 21:54:45 -0600 Report

I was started off on Novolog and Levemir, my highest readings were below 90. And I had many reading in the 70's that came with the shakes and sweats, but I also had readings in the 50's that had no signs what so ever. I found myself adding more carbs to bump up the numbers until my next appointment.

Harlen 2010-01-04 21:59:07 -0600 Report

do you keep a log of what you eat ?
And how much in OZ?

Deb7892 2010-01-04 22:02:49 -0600 Report

I do keep a log…but not as specific as how many ounces…maybe I should do that as well…I just bought a new food journal to keep track of it all…now to just committed to it :)


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