Lantus & Cancer

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Has anyone read recently in Diabetic Living (magazine) about the link to Lantus use and developing cancer. I have had my doctor check my insulin levels to see if they are high. I often www.mercola,com and he suggests we should all have low insulin levels around 3-4.

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LRD 2017-09-01 07:07:25 -0500 Report

Sorry, but I am not able to comprehend what you mean by 3 to 4. Could you explain that to me. I just got put on Lantus cause she did not have a sample of Levameir. I read that is causes hyperglicemic and weight gain which I don't really care for. I have had three epsidoes of hyperglicemic and don't care to do it again. I range in the 40s and 50s. I saw bright lights in my eyes. What should I do?

salmanda 2010-01-04 17:07:27 -0600 Report

I feel that medications for people who need them is a bit different than other folks using it. Because our own body isn't using what we make or not producing it to begin with, it seems to me that it is safe to use.
Years ago, I had to take Premarin after having a complete hysterectomy. Not long after that the word was that by taking hormones, we put ourselves at risk for cancers. I was only giving my body something that I no longer had, not adding to an already adequate supply. To me, that is where the risks were. I feel this is also true of insulin whatever the type.
Sal :)

kdroberts 2010-01-04 06:47:04 -0600 Report

This came out months ago and even the people who did the study say that you can't conclude that lantus causes cancer. Pretty much every world health body has said that there is no proof that there is a link between lantus and cancer.

You are kind of right about the insulin levels. High insulin levels is a sign of insulin resistance and there is some thought that in general high insulin levels are bad for you. I'm not sure what the other poster means by saying insulin levels might only be applicable to type 2's because that's not true at all. Everybody has an insulin level since everybody has insulin in their body, some produce it naturally, some take medication to stimulate production and some inject it, regardless everyone has an insulin level that can be tested for. In fact insulin level tests are often used in type 1 patients when it's suspected that they are not taking insulin or are abusing it. 3-4 is kind of random because it will vary a lot based on what's going on, fasting should usually be a lot lower and after meals it may be a bit higher.

Elrond 2010-01-03 23:52:16 -0600 Report

I agree, Jerry. It looks like sensationalist yellow journalism to me.

Harlen 2010-01-04 20:23:47 -0600 Report

to me as well, but she may not know how to frase what she is trying to sey
She is new.I like to give everyone a brake

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