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Does any one out there feel like they are being given lip service by there Dr. I'm tired of all the pills and them telling me it will get better, when I know what I need and there not giving it to me. The pills only mask the problem I need excerize and my insurance will not cover a gym. I have auther standing on my legs and they don't work like they use to. I would like to join a gym so I could get in a pool and work out. No such luck my insurance won't cover it and I can't afford it . So I guess i'm stuck. I'm tired of listening to dr. who will not stand up to insurance co. I guess I'll never find a good Dr. like I use to have. I use to be able to control my sugar with just diet and excerize. I feel helpless.
Kathy Cooper

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Deb7892 2010-01-04 21:23:47 -0600 Report

I dont' know where you are…but I am in San Diego..and I just joined Bally's fitness…they have a "no contract" program that is only $24/month and all the ones here have pools/whirlpools available.

Hang in there!


Harlen 2010-01-04 20:21:17 -0600 Report

Start small go for a little walk
when I sit and work on the comp I play with a 5lb steel waght and this helped me get started on working out more
get a 2lb waght for your ankls and whear them all day this helped me too
best wishes

salmanda 2010-01-04 17:16:55 -0600 Report

All great answers ladies! I bought a couple of DVDs to walk with in my home. They were at a discount store so they were reasonable. I also like that I can exercise when it is convenient for me. I am not good about going somewhere else to exercise. During the week once I get home from work, I want to stay home for the most part. So, this type of an exercise program works best for me.
Good luck!
Sal :)

AddassaMari 2010-01-04 18:03:54 -0600 Report

I know the feeling. After being out and about all day going out to exercise is the last thing I want to do. So I am getting a tread mill.

JulieC 2010-01-04 18:34:05 -0600 Report

I do mine with my dog at sunrise every morning…she makes me go..she looks out the window..and when it starts to get light enough to see out…she brings me her collar first…then she brings me my shoes…and looks at me with those eyes…how can I resist! we go about 2 miles or so..thats about all I have time for…sure dont wanna do it after work.

salmanda 2010-01-04 19:10:02 -0600 Report

Very smart dog Julie! I loved your description of his "routine" to let you know he is ready for the walk.
Sal :)

JulieC 2010-01-05 05:03:03 -0600 Report

Well thats what she does…7 days a week. Some times…on the weekends…I dont want to get up…but the "the boss" says I have to LOL

salmanda 2010-01-06 17:18:27 -0600 Report

Exactly…my dog never lets me sleep in on the weekends, and I have to make her get up on workdays so she can go out and eat before I have to leave. I wake her up at the time she gets me up, too, but she doesn't want to get up. I think it is payback because I will say "just a minute" to her when she tries to get me up early on weekends. lol
Sal :)

AddassaMari 2010-01-04 10:40:51 -0600 Report

Check out your city's park and recreation office and see what they have to offer. If you are a golden citizen, check with local senior centers they often have exercise programs. Another option is the PBS station. Check your local station (http://www.pbs.org) for a program call "Sit and Be Fit" it is a program designed and taught by a nurse PhD and designed for seniors and people with limited or impaired mobility. Literally the program guides watchers through exercise they do while sitting in a chair (you will need a straight chair w/o arms and a towel).

If you get the fitness channel, you can actually modify the exercises to suit your ability. Just a thought.

sweething 2010-01-04 08:01:08 -0600 Report

At some Ys you can take water classes without joining, for like $30 a month; but you could probably join for that much.

Hinboyz3 2010-01-04 07:51:05 -0600 Report

I understand just what your talking about, I've had the same doctor for over 20 years, he use to listen to what I had to say. But in the last few years it's as if he's not hearing what Im saying at my appointments/visits. What are we to do other than change doctors, whose to say it will be any better.

JulieC 2010-01-04 07:07:20 -0600 Report

Im with you on the Dr. It is so hard to find a good one. Pill, pills, pills is all they want to hand out…for everything! I am tring a new doc on the 19th…I swear if this one dosnt work out…I give up! I also know about the exersise…yes..the Y does have a program at little or no cost..but you have to quallify and thats not easy. Oh how I wish I had a pool to swim in and exaesise…it feels great and easy on the body. good luck on finding some thing…just call or go to your local Y and and ask for a application for reduced rates and hardship. They will have one :-)

hbkunkel 2010-01-04 05:10:24 -0600 Report

Have you looked into what it would cost you to join a Y? Ask them if they have any scholarships to help people like you that need the help to control an ongoing medical problem? I found the one where I used to live had a wonderful water exercise program that was no extra charge and very helpful. It was water aerobics and I even loved the deep water exercise class because with the help of belts around your waist and wieghts in your hands, it was very easy to stay afloat and use the resistence of the water to get a great workout. Let me know if this helps.

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