How many members on this website?

By DiabetesDiva Latest Reply 2008-07-17 09:16:54 -0500
Started 2008-07-14 14:53:45 -0500

I'm amazed this site has several new members a day. Last month, the CDC stated there are now 24 million people with diabetes in the US. How many members do we have on this site?

Just wondering.


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GabbyPA 2008-07-15 12:03:06 -0500 Report

I am amazed too. I know that I have 70 people in my friends list, and though I don't see all of them on the site everyday, it is good to see familiar faces and I chat with some in IM also. I have yet to meet any, wouldn't it be cool to have a "family reunion" of sorts where we could meet eachother. How cool would that be. Somewhere in the middle of the country. Hint, hint. LOL. JP keeps inviting us to her place.
One thing I do know is that I am very, very grateful for this site. It gives me an outlet to learn so much.

Dancehawk 2008-07-17 09:16:54 -0500 Report

This is a great site no wonder we get so many hits!
also we need to tie our two sister sites to this one, each one covers more in depth where the other leaves off, example not only do we have a lot of great post and good Friends here that support each other.

We have takes you to a path of nutrition breaking down foods what is flamitory, and anti-flamitory plus a great eating way to help bring our system into the normal range and a lot of us can get off meds,
Then we have a great site Amy's she covers the type 1 and other related info.

Put all 3 together you can not ask for a more completes source of information and great friends.

I have been telling everyone I know about this site plus gave my doctor all 3 web sites to refer others to.


Lanore 2008-07-15 01:23:53 -0500 Report

I try to come once a day to keep up on things that are going on and too see how the posta are going. I have learned alot since I joined. Lanore

jupton1 2008-07-14 16:32:31 -0500 Report

5,778 so far as of July 15th but I dont think half of them are active.. I was going buy how many friends Amy & John C had ,since people are automaticly added to there friends list.JU

TRKnight2007 2008-07-14 16:53:11 -0500 Report

Actually, the last few weeks show over 14,500 unique visitors to the community. Since you can access all of the content without joining, we have quite a large number of people who visit and read the discussion posts, but haven't yet had the opportunity to participate. More than half of the members visit the site each week (many of us visit 50+ times), while another quarter or so visit every other week.

The site launched to the public on June 1, so we expect there will be many more members to come as we tell others about the site.

DiabetesDiva 2008-07-15 04:41:53 -0500 Report

WOW! That's a lot of members. I'm spreading the word, so more will join. I'm not working right now so I visit at least once a day.



rj 2008-07-14 15:07:54 -0500 Report

Thats kind of scary…I just had that same question coming to work tonight wondered just how many members were in the community

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