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While drifting off to sleep I get a feeling of nerviness it feels like low blood sugar. When I check my self my count is nine out of ten times normal, but never low. Now it wakes me during the middle of the night and I jump up and grab something to raise my sugar count.
Oh yes I use a CPAP machine I have sleep apnea. This is suppose to help me not have me afraid of sleep, I think if I fall into a deep sleep I may not wakeup so I’m tired a lot of the time.

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Becky123 2010-01-01 20:35:17 -0600 Report

I would have to agree with ptsparkle—make sure you're testing your bs before grabbing for snacks. I also have sleep apnea and used to use the cpap. I quit using it for several reasons. Mainly I had a hard time sleeping through the night with it on and because I was getting into such a deep sleep I had a lot of nightmares and started to dread sleeping at all. I have lost about 30 lbs since I had my sleep study, so I hope that this helped my apnea. Hope your nights improve soon.

sweething 2009-12-31 14:04:40 -0600 Report

I am both diabetic and use a cpap. If you are new to either, they can cause anxiety. Eat a snack before going to bed. That will help your glucose stay up. If the cpap is new for you, everyone goes through some anxiety caused by the mask. But the apnea, like the diabetes, is being helped by the care you are taking.

giojuju 2009-12-31 10:30:02 -0600 Report

mayb theres a fear n u since u go through alot at nite just dealn wit cpap and thinkn about blood sugars. is there anything else involved? mayb u need to talk to some one to relieve that fear n u! just a suggestion. hang n there, there is a solution for everything.

ptsparkle 2009-12-31 08:37:49 -0600 Report

Hey daddy, sorry you are going through that. How long have you been on cpap? Before jumping up and grabbing something to raise your levels, first take the time to use your meter to be sure you are low. Hang in there.

Hinboyz3 2009-12-31 07:37:51 -0600 Report

Hope you feel better. sometimes I get that nervous feeling but it goes away as quick as it comes.

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