By Germaine Latest Reply 2009-12-31 21:29:57 -0600
Started 2009-12-30 15:42:03 -0600

anyone wearing an omnipod? how do you like it?
i had the insulin pump but didnt like all the tubing. I still have it if anyone wants to buy it.

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guitarlover18 2009-12-31 21:29:57 -0600 Report

i have had an omnipod for about a year. I love that its water proof so i don't have to take it off if i go in the shower or something. The wireless tubing is a plus cause i can still do sports and regular things like i would normally do. I would say i enjoy it.

rankearl 2009-12-31 15:24:06 -0600 Report

hi i have a cosmo pump had it for almost 6yrs they are going to dc it soon im looking around for my next option i love mine hugs julie

SeansMom 2009-12-31 09:32:44 -0600 Report

My son refuses to wear the pump and one of the reasons is the tubing. Talked to a lot of people about the OmniPod, they either love it or hate it. I do know that OmniPod does let you have a trial time with it. You may be using saline in it but at least you don't have to buy it until you try it and see if you like it. Good luck

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