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onetouch has changed the test strip
and it takes three times as much blood. but the company very rudly,insits that it is not true.
the strips are made in the uk. and i have the proove. why do we have to suffer with so outdated equipment, don't we suffer from diabetes to ouer limits and being controled from people who don't have diabetis and don't know we have to suffer every day. we can fly to mars and can spend 745 billion dollars for wepons to kill people. yhink about it. rudolf boecherer
don't know

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Punkie200 2008-07-14 09:03:07 -0500 Report

I have gotten strips off e-bay a little cheaper for the One-Touch. Try that out. Also have bought the same ones from Diabetic Supply a little bit cheaper and they work as well. They are an off brand, just make sure the can be used with the One-touch machine you are using.