Why when I eat what is supposed to be good for me ... my BS level skyrockets??

By JulieC Latest Reply 2009-12-30 11:39:04 -0600
Started 2009-12-28 10:02:28 -0600

OK … I am so frustrated I don't know what to do. For breakfast we are supposed to eat whole grains and fiber..preferably hot cereals. Why is it I eat say oatmeal, cream of wheat, or as today, expensive 10 grain hot cereal, which are all supposed to be so healthy. 2 hr after eating and taking my meds…my BS is 251! This happens every time! If I eat whole grain toast or english muffins, or even a bagel with eggs and cheese and canadian bacon, or even regular bacon, milk and a fruit…my sugar stays where its supposed to be. I know a breakfast like that is not so healthy … but my BS stays under control. What am I doing wrong? I'm trying to cut fat and calories…but the good for you stuff isn't working…the bad for you stuff is..and by the way…I am HUNGRY! And I'm not after eating the unhealthy food? what gives…any advice?

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toadhappy 2009-12-30 11:39:04 -0600 Report

from what i read, your sugar levels are up because you are eating breads that contain starch and the starch turns to sugar, i too am diabetic type 2 and was diagnosed in 2005, you can get your sugars down but you really have to watch what you are eating, i noticed when im on the south beach diet my sugars go down and i lose more weight than any other diet that ive been on, my dr. has commented on this diet and is very happy with the results, you can have alot of different things but also be patient your sugars will go down, give it a try

kdroberts 2009-12-28 18:57:33 -0600 Report

Basically the healthy foods you list are not health for blood sugar since they will raise it pretty high as you are finding out. It doesn't help that breakfast is also a tough meal for diabetics to eat a lot of carb at.

Look for things that are low or no carb (protein and fat based things) and then add in some of the cereals if you want. Also think outside the box, breakfast is a meal like any other and you shouldn't limit what you eat to traditional breakfast foods. Try fish, try grilled chicken or turkey, eat some vegetable soup, have a salad. Try stuff out and then see what your meter and lab results say.

beadmom 2009-12-29 12:28:06 -0600 Report

So true. When you go to other counties they don't have special "breakfast foods". It's strange at first but you get used to it.


beadmom 2009-12-28 12:28:56 -0600 Report

Hi Julie,

I have the exact same problem. I can eat the recommended amount of carbs in oatmeal, cereal etc and 2 hours later, without fail, am over 200. I have learned that I have to stick with protein based breakfasts and make sure to have that all important 10AM (2 1/2 hours after breakfast) snack. Nothing else works for me.

JulieC 2009-12-28 14:39:25 -0600 Report

Im glad Im not the only one with that problem…Yes and if I dont have that 10-10:30 snack…my sugar goes way low. But thats only when I eat the protien breakfast…eat any cereal and I dont have to ever worry about low sugar…just high and hungry. Thanks

annewiz 2009-12-28 10:21:20 -0600 Report

Hi there!
Fat slows the rise of your blood sugar, so it is likely that when you eat fatty things, the rise comes later and you may not detect it.

One thing that may help is eating some protein with your hot cereal…sometimes I stir in a tablespoon of peanut butter (the natural kind, not the processed, sugar-added kind). You could also try eating it with some canadian bacon (low in fat) or a scrambled egg.

Another problem is that insulin resistance can be higher in the morning (mine is), so you may need to keep your carb count lower at breakfast. I do best if I keep my carbs to less than 30 grams in the morning, and like I mentioned above, adding in some protein.