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By heart2heart Latest Reply 2009-12-31 21:12:35 -0600
Started 2009-12-27 09:47:25 -0600

I find myself doing better if I take time out first thing in the morning to plan my meals and nutrition counting for the day. That way I can see what the numbers will look like (I have to count not just carbs but sodium and fats too for heart disease). At first this was hard to do, but becomes easier as it now is more habit than having to remind myself to do it. (since I only weigh 118 lbs, this isn't a matter of weight loss at all…strictly the medical adjustments).

How do the rest of you keep track of your carb numbers?

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June Tademy
June Tademy 2009-12-31 21:12:35 -0600 Report

Finally I find that it is really my diet that is doing me in-My Doctor signed me up for a nutrition class, so I can plan my meals and count carbs, I am not really into that I never get the carbs right hopefully I can this time. You are soooooo right

Gwenn 2009-12-27 14:15:11 -0600 Report

I don't even know how to count calories, carbs or any of that. I eat just whatever I'm hungry for. I know they have a thing about bread but all the bread seems to be about the same when it comes to carbs. So that would be trouble for me I suppose because the two main things I have throughout the day is bread and sugar. (Toast and coffee)

Hinboyz3 2009-12-27 13:59:21 -0600 Report

Im with you Heart2Heart, I do the same thing as you do, I take out my meals first thing in the morning. thanks for sharing your ideas!! Keep up the good work with your meals.

msann 2009-12-27 13:18:13 -0600 Report

hey heartto heart invited you to be my friend, i guess you didnt want to accept thats ok, isnt it 35 carb daily, i really cant remember, what are your bsl/ mine was 109 this morning

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