Autologous Stem Cell Therapy

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Autologous Stem Cells are your own cells. Mostly found in your bone marrow, they continue to be made by our bodies as long as we are alive, but in lesser amounts as we grow older. There ae several places around the world that are doing much research on this subject and have found methods to extract the stem cells from the bone marrow and then reintroduce them through an I.V. back into your blood stream. The theory (and actual results) is that these "activated" and concentrated sells then find their way to the places in your body that need regenerative assistance and do just that. There has been little western coverage of these avenues of treatment, but a few programs like Oprah and The Doctors have explored the subject a little. There was even a 60Minutes episode on it.
Any one else know more about this, or have had experience in this? Please share…

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Smar Talic
Smar Talic 2010-09-22 12:07:38 -0500 Report search in year 2001. A man that was 100 percent (why won't my percent key work?) blind since the age of 6 was there when his mother died. Doctors were able to extract stem cells from the gray matter of her brain, just above the mid-brain, and beneath the cerebellum (though there is more than just gray matter there). The grew more and, just simply, placed them on his eyeballs. Since Miosis had his cells be 1/2 the genetic code from his mother, there was little to no evidence of genetic conflict or depreciation, AS OF YET. The Newshour follow-up, in 2008, used documentation of how he is able to see 96%, to date.
In Japan, in 2003 (or 4) a dermis stem cell was extracted, multiplied, and placed within a patients own heart tissue in a nutrient bath. A heart was grown and implanted into the patient. I'm not aware of any type of follow up.
Stem cells are thought, or interpreted, to be the regional commander within a 70 millimeter area, if not less. Though it isn't visible to the naked eye, it's believed that stem cells have membrane tendrils that reach every cell within a regioun, with overlapping into the borders of other regiouns around it (I believe the tendrils are a slight variation of Myalin Sheath that is around nerves, and much smaller than a cell, though those I've asked about it WOULD not respond or confirm). Nerves and Lymph are believed to have a connection with each and every stem cell, making them also a "waste removal" system, if not a recycling of parts of cells that are to be replaced. It is also thorized, that within this command regioun of a stem cell, varient (extra) electrons, with a specific magnetic/electric charge uses these tendrils for message delivery, including ages of cells in the regioun, etc…
The only doctor out of 14 I asked this to (Dr. Mark Salita), affirmed that I am on the right thoretical track, with what I state here, and he looked it up.
PLEASE, if I am wrong in ANY of this please state so, and back it up with proof. If not, I will claim you as the person "Miss Information".
Knowing things is so much nicer if it is shared knowledge, and I dare anyone to prove otherwise.
Success to you.

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