Larry D.
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Can anyone tell me if you have had experience with or heard of anyone taking Metanx for nerve repair and reversal of neuropathy in feet? This is a prescription vitamin complex. Very expensive and not covered by my Insurance
Larry D. Jones

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Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2010-01-03 14:07:49 -0600 Report

Hi Larry,

One of my doctors prescribed Metanx for me, but not for those reasons. I had no idea that it was prescribed for the treatment of nerve repair and reversal of neuropathy in the feet. It "is" very expensive. However, I'm lucky, that my insurance covers it. If it didn't, I couldn't afford it. I take it every day, and I must admit, that I do feel much better when taking it. I am sorry that your insurance doesn't cover it. Wish I had some information to offer, but as of right now, I do not. Good luck to you in finding the answers you are searching for.