type 1 or 2

By pratty Latest Reply 2009-12-26 01:17:01 -0600
Started 2009-12-23 20:50:45 -0600

when i was diagnosed i was put on pills, then on insulin. off insulin, then both. i was 30 then now i take 4 shots a day. what type am i?

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alanbossman 2009-12-25 20:53:16 -0600 Report

Hi, i take metformin and one shot of 24 hours of lantus and i am t2. ask your doctor which type you are.

salmanda 2009-12-24 07:55:44 -0600 Report

Perhaps you might ask your doctor to order the blood tests which would identify which type of diabetes you have.
I had blood tests to rule out type 1 when I was questioning if I had type 1 or 2.
Sal :)

kdroberts 2009-12-24 07:45:12 -0600 Report

What does your doctor say? Have you been tested for the antibodies typical of a type 1? How much insulin do you take for each shot?

hbkunkel 2009-12-24 06:55:57 -0600 Report

Ask your doctor! I am a t2 that started on pills, and now I am on 4 shots a day also but am still a t2.

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