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Started 2009-12-22 11:37:16 -0600

Has any one out there used or tried this. I get mine checked at my doctors clinic every 3 month. Would these be something for me to check other month. I thought that the AC1 test was for the last 3 months sugar levels or am I wrong..

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Harlen 2009-12-22 12:58:24 -0600 Report

I have used them and they are close to the labs
When I got my pump I wished to keep close tabs on My BS so I used them
Now I dont but thy where close
Best wishes

Hinboyz3 2009-12-22 12:51:56 -0600 Report

Well that's what Im doing checking my blood sugar 2 times a day, and going to the doctor every 3 months for a re-check with him. I agree with ptsparkle, dont spend any unnecessary money.

ptsparkle 2009-12-22 11:44:43 -0600 Report

That's my understanding. But I'm no authority. If you see your Dr. and get it checked every three months, and if you are checking your bs daily andkeeping them in line, then I wouldn't spend the money for an in home kit. But that's just me. Maybe if the cost isn't an issue, or if you are just curious I guess it would be o.k. Big help I am. Good luck.

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