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its a slide presentation of a medical study verifing the benefits of Immunocal that is posted on fda.gov I think this gives immunocal a lot of credibility, by the way it is covered by medicare in all 50 states and medicaide in most

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Is there any medical care for ppl that do not have medicare?

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A little history on Immunocal. It has a pharmaceuitical patent and the company had the option of releasing it as a drug although it is all natural. They did release it as a drug it Germany and you have to have a prescripton to buy and can only get it from a pharmacy and it costs $600 a box. Immunotec can not control what price the pharma co asks for it. In North America instead of releasing it as a drug they released it as a neutraceutical (a natural product with pharmaceutical properties) It is the ONLY natural product in the drug catalogue portion of the PDR. Now it is sold exclusively thru individual distributors and the cost is less than $70 a box. In the case of diabetes usually 2-4 boxes a month is required so most people a lot of people opt to become reps and tell others about it and earn an income which at least offsets the price and at best becomes a nice income.

Pam from KCMO
Pam from KCMO 2009-12-20 10:56:55 -0600 Report

Dan - I watched the brouhaha on the site yesterday over this whole issue. I came to the decision that you were well meaning and exuberant about something you found helpful, even though you (inadvertently, you say) violated terms of use. The site manager weighed in; you revised your post and apologized.

Now though, Dan, enough is enough. You made your point - please move on.

Written with the best of intentions - Pam

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Well Pam I am moving on because my intent here is to educate others about oxidative stress and its contribution to diabetic complications and how reversing oxidative stress can and will reverse diabetic complications and the only product I have found that significantly reverses oxidative stress is Immunocal. I am not saying it is the only way but it is the only way that I have found.I would like to hear from anyone else who has found a way.Thanks for your input Pam

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