How I got rid of my complications

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I am posting this in case anyone else is interested in what worked for me and many others I know. I am also a distributor of this product because it is a way to help offset the cost, help others and make a little extra$ (not being my prime motivation here) I posted this exact same post on DiabetesForum and was banned for life?????? Oh well, I think they were offended because they thought it was just a sales pitch or something. I think anyone who is diabetic and has complications would do the exact same thing I have done if you got your health and life back.

I am 45 years old and have had type1 for 20 yrs now. The best A1c test I have ever had was 7.2 but usually are from 7.9-8.9. Not well controlled. My complications started about 7 years ago with neurogenic bladder which is neuropathy of the bladder although was not diagnosed until3-4 years ago about the same time I developed trigger finger in both thumbs, tingling and numbness in my toes on right foot, high eye pressure which was diagnosed as glaucoma. I was being treated by specialists for all these conditions.

A friend told me about a product ( Immunocal) that raises glutathione in your cells thus optimizing the immune system and I agreed to try it since I was also always getting sick with whatever bug was going around. Happy to say that I immediately noticed I had more energy, felt better and after 6-7 months on product noticed that I hadnt been sick.

I kept taking 1 pack a day for about 1 1/2 years and during this time developed allergies for the first time in my life. My friend said that his allergies went away along with his asthma when he started it so I decided to try 6 packs a day for a month just to see what would happen. When I did this all my complications disappeared very quickly. It took me a couple days to figure out that it was the Immunocal and a couple months to verify my results with all my doctors. Since then I have heard of many diabetics having the same results with Immunocal as well as many people with other major illnesses and diseases having amazing results. I became an Immunotec Independant Consultant for 2 reasons. I take 4 packs a day to keep my complications gone and it was getting pricey for me, about $300 a month so by becoming a consultant I pay for my own product and then some and the second reason is that I now thoroughly enjoy telling others about it.

This product has over 30 human clinical trials and more in the works for many other conditions and I hope that one day diabetes will be among them because it works and I am living proof. I have tried a few other products that claimed to raise glutathione levels but each time my complications came back.

There is a money back guarantee that is a no brainer. Try it for 30 days and if you are not satisfied get a full refund of purchase price. You can go to for more info and science behind product.

I have done a lot of research on diabetic complications and have found that all the complications are a result of the oxidative stress that is caused by elevated glucose levels and raising glutathione levels is the only sure fire way to reduce and or eliminate oxidative stress(OS). I would like to discuss OS with anyone interested in the subject.
I hope this helps someone.Danruiz

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John Crowley
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I'm sorry but when you joined this site you agreed to abide by the terms of use. Those terms expressly forbid using this site for commercial purposes. It's great that you've found a product that has helped you control your blood sugar. But you are not allowed to use this forum to help you peddle products.

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I edited my post to remove any reference to my site. I never said it helped control my blood sugar as it has not, but what it did is eliminated the oxidative stress brought on by the elevated glucose and that in turn eliminated the complications. please google " diabetic complications and oxidative stress" and you will be in for some fascinating reading

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