Just giving up ???

By Harlen Latest Reply 2009-12-19 17:28:58 -0600
Started 2009-12-17 19:34:41 -0600

What the heck are you thinking ????
Why would you give up this is hard I know it,I live it .I see a lot of peaple that that have been at this thing for a long time and thinking of giving up.What the @#$% after all that work and you now know what you need to do .WTF I have worked so hard to keep this thing at bay I will neve ever give up.I still got a long way to go to know even a little of what I need to.But I will keep going and working I am a Chef so I can cook and I love to eat,eatting is as good as Loven . I will give up eatting all the grate food I can no longer have,There is so much to live for if you dont think so just go out side and open you eyes.Life is good very good.Even with all the stress life gives me.The wars I got to fight and that is what this is a war I will never just give up !
There was a time in my life when I had a shatred leg and my back was busted in 11 places docs sed I will never walk again, I did I walk and have gone back to work . that was 20 years ago and I still keep up with my 7 year old grand baby.
We have just way to much to live for to just give up.I came from a Bad home left there when I was 14 and made my own way.I have seen and done so much and I GOT A LOT MORE TO DO
The next time you think its just to much or just to hard think what it can be if you just let it go and not just for you,If you drive what happends when you DKA a the wheel and kill 3 kids and there Mom or Dad ,Hit that woman in the cross walk what then??????????
Ok I will put the wip away
Ther is more riding on you doing your best then just you,Frends,famly and all the frends you havent made yet.
I love me ,my famly and frends
What more can I sey
Keep up the good work.
I care for you all and wish to be frends for a long long long time

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sweetsuecitysue 2009-12-19 06:49:16 -0600 Report

Thank you for sharing your heart and being so frank, as a person and also coming from a man, that speaks volumes about the type of person that you are… your family is blessed to have you!

KarenH 2009-12-18 17:30:44 -0600 Report

Hi Harlen, my friend! You never cease to amaze me with your words of wisdom. I love reading what ever you have to say and I hope you know how much inspiration you are to us all. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas! Hugs, Karen

rankearl 2009-12-18 14:43:07 -0600 Report

hi thanks for sharing it is not easy being a diabetic it is a lot of work and just like work some days are better than others hugs julie

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-12-18 15:02:05 -0600 Report

Yep. Julie!! Frankly I used to get so tired of hearing, "If God brings you to it, He will lead you thru it" or "It could be worse" but they don't tell you what to do when it does. Later, these sayings do hold meaning, but sometimes when you are IN IT—you could cook someone's goose who dares to laugh when you are hurting!! PR

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-12-18 12:59:39 -0600 Report

Wow, Harlen!! Thank you so MUCH for opening up and sharing your own struggles!! That is one reason I opened up so much, to find others who could share their own struggles and put mine into proper perspective!! One BAD thing when you keep so MUCH STUFF shut inside of us, we get to thinking that we are the only one who has messed up in some way, and it is so reassurring and supportive to know that we are NOT ALONE!!

Great stuff, Harlen!! I also love your positive attitude and gives me a boost in my own fight—-I admit, I get drug down at times, but this site has so helped me in "rev ving up" again, and "get the lead out" and keep going!!! I sure wouldn't want to burden my family with the site of my FEET being stuffed to become a lamp!! ( like Antique D suggests—-) Have your ever seen my feet??? hahha—The x-rays look like something you could hang in the trees for Halloween!! haha—BUT I can still WALK!! AMEN!! Thanks, Harlen!! Pat Roth

Deb-G 2009-12-18 14:54:18 -0600 Report

Pat! lol…funny funny…I love how well you have come to laugh at yourself…we all need to do that…and you are so right…We can Rev each other up indeed!

Thanks for the thoughts, and the smiles everyone…

Elrond 2009-12-19 04:47:28 -0600 Report

Pat, let's compare feet. About 4 years ago, I broke 3 toes in my left foot during a diabetic seizure. It was 65 miles to the VA hospital and I had nobody to drive me so I decided to treat myself. The toes healed - sort of. Now, I have arthritis in them and I'm forced to hobble along with a cane at the ripe old age of 58.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-12-19 10:34:45 -0600 Report

Hi, Elrond, Well, seeing is believing! haha—-I have flat feet, bunions, toes crossing over tops of other toes, hammertoes, surgery on one foot to try and straighten them out—-went back, but at least they don't hurt like they did. Had contractures underneath all of the 4 hammertoes, corrected—-wear special inserts or my feet just kill me to try and walk—-guess that is it—hahah—-goes with my pleasing personality! hahha—on a GOOD DAY! I still am laughing over your 3rd wife, "biting"! haha—PR

Deb-G 2009-12-19 14:40:34 -0600 Report

omg no no no…do not make me visualize feet!…I love you guys (and gals)…but…um…I cant think about feet…I will be forced to scratch my own eyes out if you continue…


Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2009-12-18 12:48:08 -0600 Report

Harlen, you are such a wonderful, loving person. I admire your integrity. You are constantly encouraging each and every one of us to live life to the fullest, be thankful for what we have, and to keep striving to do our very best, and most of all, love ourselves. This is the only life we have, and we don't get do overs. Thank you Harlen for being here for us.
Love, and hugs to you, Sue T.

Deb-G 2009-12-18 09:14:58 -0600 Report

((Harlen))…very nice post…thank you for sharing your thoughts…you are so right my friend…

Times get tough but if we just take a moment and look around us we can see we are truly blessed somehow…all of us are in some way…we have to take the time to see it :)

After my last seizure, for which only my kids were home and horrified…it really made ALL of us realize how fragile and precious life is…I try harder now to take care of myself and limit those risks…I cant always help it, but i'm thinking daily about it…

and so thankful i have my family!

Our life struggles make us stronger…and friends here keep us moving forward…

Thank you everyone…

Elrond 2009-12-17 22:16:12 -0600 Report

All I can add Harlen is ^5.You speak for all of us. Giving up doesn't even mean a fast painless end. It means a slow, painful loss of parts of our bodies. I intend to fight every step of the way. I bet you do too.

alanbossman 2009-12-17 22:08:36 -0600 Report

Nice job Harlen, I like it. I feel the same as you do. Iam not going to let diabetes beat me. i will fight it all the way, I will never let it win. We all need to do our best at keep our diabetes in check.

ptsparkle 2009-12-17 21:36:34 -0600 Report

Way to go Harlen. That's the most I have seen you opine since I've been on here. That could be your first novel.LOL ! Excellent post, very passionate. How about we all come over sometime and you cook us up a chefs meal?? Good job.

Hinboyz3 2009-12-17 21:36:25 -0600 Report

Hi Harlen you know I value every thing you say on this site, and I too love you and care about. I would be lost without you in my life on this site daily. Stay exactly who you are, your a true man and friend to the end. I will never ever give up on me or anything Im trying to do. Thanks Harlen, its people like you who make the world a better place.

Susie624 2009-12-17 19:54:45 -0600 Report

Bless you Harlan,I think you are the bestest in the world. You have that go getter done attitude,dont ever give up,do or die.You have the keep on the sunny side of life and your attitude has certainly perked me up when I've been on a downward spirel.I think one of my reasons for checking this out first thing every morning is your words of wisdom.all mighty one.Here is wishing you Happy holidays. Hugs Linda