just dont understand why its so hard

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so i have been type one foor almost 8 years now..i take insulin and from what i ahve been told i am on a lot more them most because im insulin restistent aswell.. with this being said from day one my sugers have been crazy and out of control from 30 to 880 and as cray as it sounds i feel great being anywear from 200 to 400…well the last month i have been changeing everything to try and fix thngs…like food, stress, ect…what i dont understand is now that they are getting in normal range why do i feel so sick…i feel like i could sleep all day, im hungery all the time ( but have been fighting the feeling ti eat) im moody and feel shaky a lot of the time…i know its better for me to have normal blood sugers but i hate the way it makes me feel…anyone ever feel like this?

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Rebelove 2013-07-18 21:17:48 -0500 Report

I often feel like this…better when my numbers are a bit high, logy when they are 'normal'. Diabetes is different for everybody. I think its time to talk to your doctor again, or find a different one. Do you see an endocrinologist? They might be able to help you, too. Good luck, and please keep me posted…I care! :)

jenny2010 2009-12-16 12:52:58 -0600 Report

yeah i totally understand u ive had type one since i was 4yrs old,it was easy back then,to say no to things,to me its also hard,,now,im also having to take sugar pills now with my insulin.if u need to talk to someone bout things id love to be ur friend and ect,

MykenziePamala 2009-12-16 11:33:58 -0600 Report

My daughter had such a hard time changing her numbers and feeling good, because she would range from 30 lows to 699 highs(the day she was diagnosed). She felt the difference after we kept changing her number zones and tightening them up. We started with a goal of 100-250, really hard to do when she is so active and eating at weird times. Then we tightened them down to 70-180, now we strive to be 70-140. This took us 2 years, but with patience and lots of free foods to fight off hunger, we did it. She still has those high days once in a while, when we don't understand why she woke up at 200-300, but we just make sure we cover the high and her next meal and eventually she feels better. Headaches, stomachaches, being hungry or not wanting to eat eventually let up(don't think they ever go away). Just be patient!

rankearl 2009-12-16 08:20:59 -0600 Report

hi ive been diabetic most of my life it is alot of work people just dont know i cant help but think something else might be going on maybe you need to have a really good check up find a dr you can really talk to one you can ask questions for me the lows are worse then the highs because my bs drops so fast and i have a hard time reconizing it hope i helped hugs julie

Alleykat 2009-12-15 23:35:55 -0600 Report

Yea I do I normally run 200 to 400 as well and when i get mine down in the "normal" range i feel the same as u do. I get really bad headaches and my stomach feels like its eating from the inside out. You feel that way becuase you have been out of control for so long that the normal range feels bad and ugly and the high range feels good. I have fought it for years… well just saying i feel what your going thru

ONeil 2009-12-15 18:49:46 -0600 Report

I have type 2 and it has only been two years And I know it is hard do to mine use to get up in the300 to 400 ans know I am on insulin and it is helping some time by keeping down to below 300 , but when it gets to low Iget the shaky and sick to my stomick and then I get the to the point where I feel over heated, So it is very hard to get to nomal range, I do whis you all the best and good luck .

Armourer 2009-12-15 19:36:39 -0600 Report

I too am having this problem. For years I had high numbers and didn't care. When I started to get down to normal I had the low blood signals but all was okay. As I continued to stay normal things did get better as my body came normal and use to it. Yet I still feel good at the 300-500 numbers. But it is better to be under 150. Good luck!

ONeil 2009-12-16 22:30:49 -0600 Report

one thing I hate is when you go from a high to a low at a short period of time and that is where you try to fine why this happens and how if you try to do everything that you feel right. that is what I don't understand and hard to understand as well.

LauraBean7 2009-12-15 18:34:59 -0600 Report

I'm the same way. I feel better when my sugars are higher and feel like they're low when they are actually good. I agree with Packrat ^ though, I think its because my body was used to it being higher for so long that that feels "normal" to it. Ive been a diabetic for 12 years and I have those crazy days too, and it drives me crazy! I dont get hungry though like you said you do, but some days I feel like I cant wake up from a haze. Almost like I'm sleep walking through the day- fresh air and exercise (even though its tough to go and do it!) usually help me out. =)

Harlen 2009-12-15 18:34:14 -0600 Report

Yep I felt good too and when I first started to get them in the right I felt like krapp,from then on I was working on keeping them good , It is a lot of work but at 150 or so you start to do damge to your eyes and other orgons
and I do wish to live a long time and keep my feet.
but its up to you to do the work
Best wishes

packrat2 2009-12-15 18:21:56 -0600 Report

I think it is because you have been so high so long, that you feel low at 100 to 120…regards packrat2

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