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A couple months ago my doctor sugessed I go on Metformon to help keep my bs down at a good level I filled the precripson but I would not take it due to personal reasons, so I just cut my food intake down somemore and started to do more exercises and my bs have been 110-142. I'm not sugessing anyone on meds. to stop taking them just leting you all know that maybe doctors are to quick to give meds. on this. If my bs turn around and go high I may concider the meds. but for now I'll keep my fingers cross and pray the bs stay at safe levels.

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Hinboyz3 2009-12-12 06:50:57 -0600 Report

Hi Thinker51, I think your doing just great with your diabetes, and you should keep up the good work, it's working for you and that's a success. I wish we all had that good control over things. But Im willing to try, cause I was diagnosed in Oct. 2009 and it was scary for me. But I've been trying the exercise and right intake for nutrition. It seems to be working for me, and I feel so much better.

Crashnot 2009-12-11 14:07:14 -0600 Report

Since I'm a type 1 Metformin is not something I need or know much about. But good for you on being able to avoid it! While it will make you more sensitive to insulin, it seems like every drug has hidden side effects you wind up taking yet more medication to compensate for.

thinker51 2009-12-11 14:33:16 -0600 Report

I didn't either, But I read up on it.In the past I had bad reactions to diabetic meds. My brother is on it and he qickly stop taking it because he had bad side affects to it his is worst then mine at present.

mamaoak 2009-12-11 14:03:16 -0600 Report

the dr put me on insulin then meds i am off all of it doing diet and exersise .my bs run between 80 and 115. doing fine. good luck to you.

Rewben 2009-12-12 06:58:51 -0600 Report

I would like to know what you are doing to get off all your meds. I am having trouble keeping my bs down. I take metformin and byetta.

ptsparkle 2009-12-11 13:46:05 -0600 Report

You are in control of your health. Are you testing throughout the day, and have your numbers come down since the Drs. visit? I would continue what you are doing, and keep testing. Would also keep the Dr. informed on what your doing. It seems your levels might have been on the high side if the doc. put you on the med. Good luck.

thinker51 2009-12-11 14:28:11 -0600 Report

My alc was 7.2, yes I test 2-3 times a day my morning one after I woke up today was 120. I've been type 2 for almost 20 years.

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