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this yr has been very difficult for me in every aspect of life. with being recently diabetic its even harder. how can we make it easier to cope to all the new changes? its no easy for me to do insulin either. please advise very desperate and depressed!

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spiritwalker 2009-12-26 21:50:55 -0600 Report

You have come to the right place.

You have come to the right place. Everyone here is caring
and willing to share. Take one day at a time, one meal at a time. Its normal to be overwhelmed at first. Most hospitals have support groups. Call your local hospitals
diabetes clinic and ask. They may also have other local;
resources for you. Come to this site, all are welcome
here. Will be praying for you

Plntyluv 2009-12-20 16:19:15 -0600 Report

I'm New Diabetic,Sept. 29,2009. TheDiuretic I was oncaused my Magnesium Level to go BelowNormaland made me Insulin Reistant therefore Diabetic. I tried Metformin but Digestive Upsets was so Bad Icouldn't eat so Dr.put me on Januvia.I wason 100 mg. 1pill/day btu started having Low BS when Magnesium Improved.Now on1/2 Pill/daily50mg.Watch Carbs and Losing wt.even though Health Care Giver,Different when happens toyou,..My Friend Elrond has helped me as I helped him during Him during his Low BS.I gained invaluable experience about Diabetes assisting him,we're Close Friends and Live near each other,helps to have someone who understands.Hang in there we will All Deal with this 1 day at a time.

GCKJRWISFE 2009-12-12 19:25:16 -0600 Report

All I can say is take it day by day… if you have a church you attend i am sure you can get alot of support.. you are in my prayers .. i am a new bee as well read my story please pray for me as well

Pat D.
Pat D. 2009-12-10 21:40:25 -0600 Report

I just started on insulin a month ago and I was very upset and scared to take it, but after the first injection it was not as bad as I had feared. My mom was on insulin for over thirty years and not once did she complain. But, I am determined not to stay on it. I know I have to change my diet and add exercise and with help from my new friends I might be able to do it.

Elrond 2009-12-10 21:56:54 -0600 Report

High five, Pat.
I still remember my first self-injection. Fortunately, the army had trained me as a medic so I had a lot of practice giving injections to others. Somehow, it's different with the needle facing the other direction. Hang right in there and we'll all try to get through this together.

giojuju 2009-12-12 17:56:44 -0600 Report

it is very hard to stick that needle n u but like u say it takes time. when my dr said i needed i literally cried 4 days because needles scare me and make me pass out everytime i c one. ive been on insulin for about a month now and im barely letting myself look at my husband do it on me because i still cant do it, but im hangn on it it will take time

Hinboyz3 2009-12-20 16:43:28 -0600 Report

Way to go Pat, Im proud of you and yes with all our friends here we can get thru anything together. Keep up the good work and start to add a little exercise a baby step at a time. Things will work out just fine.

giojuju 2009-12-10 17:42:29 -0600 Report

thanks guys very much it does help talk to other ppl who u can relate to because even though i talk to my husband about it it just seems like he says the things just to say them and make me feel better, which helps at times but other times i just feel so out of it that i get mad at him and tell him that he is no help at all because he doesnt know what it feels to make so many changes at once and so quickly. there are days that i dont know what to do, because since i can remember ive been an addict to sweets especially chocolates it drives me crazy not able to eat any i think thats the hardest thing to let go. lol on the other hand ive always take care of the rest of the stuff i eat for the past couple of yrs all i basically eat is every kind of salad and lot of grilled meats. but ive notices that there are ppl out like me and thankfull that i found this site even though ive just used it like 2 days, there are still caring ppl out there willing to help in every little way. thanks

Elrond 2009-12-10 18:02:14 -0600 Report

You just hit a nerve. I'm a confirmed chocoholic. Whenever I go to the store I try very hard to avoid the asile where they keep all those yummy chocolate bars. It just seems that the sugar-free chocolate isn't the same. Of course, some sadist absolutely HAS to place more chocolate near the checkouts. I usually manage to keep my sticky hands off them, though. If I manage to behave myself all day, I schedule a chocolate treat at my 5:00 AM feeding. (I'm a night person) That's scheduled and covered by insulin and the carbs are planned. As a science fiction novelist, I do most of my writing in the 'wee small hours' when the rest of the world is sleeping and I have few distractions.

Elrond 2009-12-10 16:05:36 -0600 Report

Welcome to DC, giojuju.
Believe it or not, after a while, this will all become second nature. But for now, get used to a pattern of life that includes being very careful of what you eat, when you eat it, and the exercise you get. I keep a logbook of every bite of food and drink that passes my lips along with any unusual exercise. That, along with my blood sugar readings, helps me and my doctor see just what is affecting my sugar patterns. I know it's a pain but it'll pay off in the long run. Maybe you can avoid the stroke and heart attack I suffered by not taking my diabetes seriously 30 years ago.

Harlen 2009-12-10 14:25:25 -0600 Report

Yeo just one step at a time
You can only do so much at one time
Give your self a brake
needles are a pain I was doing 8 to 10 shots a day
so I know what you feel,been there done that.
I just keep working a little bit at a time
Best wishes

Hinboyz3 2009-12-10 14:25:16 -0600 Report

Its not easy but neither is life, we have to take the good with the bad. Easier said than done Im sure, but at least we have life and can share that with all our familys. It's had when something happens to you and it effects your life and your family too. But we have to hold on and get a handle on things. On this site you will enjoy asking questions and listening to everyone's answers, they are all different too. I too am a newly diagnosed diabetic just since Oct 2009. It didn't hit me so hard at first, but later on it hit me. Im dealing with it on a daily basis. One day at a time is all we all can do. It will get better.

ptsparkle 2009-12-10 14:01:31 -0600 Report

Just like you eat an elephant…one bite at a time. It takes time and patience and some good friends for support. The insulin can be scary at first, but most feel the stomach is the best and least painful site to inject. I like it in the eyeball myself! Only kidding. Welcome to this site. You won't be disapointed.

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