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This is a great website,with super people,so you can understand me I wanted to share this,most of my life has been problem solving,Janet's a retired schoolteacher with 32 years as a teacher, I'm disability retired. We decided to start a website anything we could find that would bless us or others is put there. We realized over 20 years ago that all medicines had multiple side effects ,We started listening to two MD'S with alternative medicine,DR Julian Whitaker and DR.Rowan . So we're seekers of the newer ways to counter our conditions, always open minded to alternate ways. There are some suppliments listed in the PDR , GBG 10 -in 1 since 1996,just one example so alternative medicine depends on your indiviual MD'S. As for us we live and walk by faith,and are only going to share what helps us,We all have the power of choice . We pray all are blessed and hope the best ofr life for us all.Always be aware of all products due to the fact some are allergic reactions to many regular products.

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Sam Stokes
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The rest of the story, if by God's grace , we can find anything that will aid any of our friends', family' , church family'or any of our neighbors on this planet, To have a better quality of life or not to lose eye sight or limbs,or many of the common situations diabetics face., I will seek any and all alternative ways.Janet and I will pass this on to our son and daughter in case our race is soon over.My family are givers we stay right at our need factor if by the grace of God we ever have more then we will help all we can who needs help.Our treasures are in heaven,so we seek only to bless others here.On by the way it's the southern way and natural for us local people here .