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I've loss weight, I had joined the fifty million pound challenge. I need to lose about 2 lbs ,I'm going to join curves soon to tone and strengthen, my problem is i find my self eating all the time snacking on something,even in my sleep, when i wake up to go to the bathroon i go get something to eat on and i can't stop wanting candy. and my skin is so dry, i use olive oil lotiond and casta oil with the gloves for my hand and the socks for my feet. my hands feel like sand paper. any suggestions for either situations.

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How are your blood sugars? If they are high, then getting them down will help with improving dry skin. (When sugars are high the kidneys try to compensate by dumping sugar (and the water it is in) out into urine. That leaves less water to hydrate the tissues of the body. Best wishes.

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