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Started 2009-12-06 08:36:15 -0600

hi everyone i am back from my 40 aniversary and 65 birthday we did myrtell beach. the place we stayed was wonderfull did not want to come home.

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Hinboyz3 2009-12-06 09:42:57 -0600 Report

Well welcome back, I know you enjoyed yourself. I'll be sure to send you a little of the snow from Michigan. LOL!

mamaoak 2009-12-06 09:48:51 -0600 Report

Ok i would enjoy a little we dont get much where we are. What part of Michgan are you from? hugs take care

hbkunkel 2009-12-06 09:40:27 -0600 Report

Lucky you!!! Hope you had a wonderful time. It snowed here yesterday - Allentown, PA. I have to say it is beautiful and forced us to slow down in this hectic season. Welcome back.

mamaoak 2009-12-06 09:46:54 -0600 Report

we got a little snow here as well but not like PA i miss that at christmas it really puts you in the spirit of the season.hugs

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-12-06 09:25:58 -0600 Report

Oh, the beach??!!! Drool, drool!! I LOVE the water and beach, reminds me of going to Veracruz and Progresso, Mexico in 2005, spent a few hours on the beach in the white sand, picked up shells and fossils—-oooh, love, love!! Pat R

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