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Diagnosed May 2006. I have been progressively adding medications to my routine. Metformin 1000mg x2 and now 15 units of insulin x2. My morning readings are still elevated (149 - 175), do I worry to much about these morning levels. I write down in a journal all that I eat. Some days I have a normal reading but don't know what I did differently to get that reading. Is this common to have elevated morning readings?

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deby3 2008-07-13 07:49:32 -0500 Report

Thanks for all of the information. I will try some of them. Does it get easier?

morris.js 2008-07-13 07:58:02 -0500 Report

Deby3, Yes and no..LOL Our bodies always seem to change on us and things that work now may not down the road and vise versa. But over all, yes it does get easier, esp. with the support and information you get from all the great people in this community. Just keep asking your questions. Feel free to write anyone that you may have specific questions to ask. Or start your own discussions. We are here for you.

GabbyPA 2008-07-11 12:44:09 -0500 Report

I also have the Dawn Effect and it made me nuts. I tried eating a carb at night, I tried the fat/protien combo, I tried eating nothing, I couldn't figure it out. NOW, I test at the same time every morning (6:00) where before I would do all my stuff to get ready for work and cook breakfast, make my lunch and so on, then test right before I ate, my numbers were on average 20-30 points higher. The Dawn Effect usually begins around 3:00 AM and runs thru 11:00 or so. The longer you wait to test, the higher it can tend to be.

Dancehawk 2008-07-11 06:51:56 -0500 Report

Hun get a email off to Toma, he is really helping us with bring numbers down.
He put together a vast amount of information that is broken down into terms we can understand.
www.dibetic-diet-secrets.com sign up
it is his site, which is like a sister to this site along with Amys.
each site really work together best you ll find any where.
he has a book and a computer program plus a radio show that is very very helpful.
I have been sending friends there to help with there numbers.

I am now in my low 90s all the time.

today I woke up 86 I eat and i ll go to 129 to 132 then back down to 90s.
I think if you give it a try your numbers will drop too.
I hope it helps you.

pmg - 18722
pmg - 18722 2008-07-11 10:40:21 -0500 Report

I was thinking that my numbers were due to the fact that I have just been diagnosed and that my meds had not started working. Now I see that it is not unusual. I am adjusting and Iam doing much better with pricking myself to test my sugar, but I really need to work on my diet. I am going walking with my best friend tomorrow and I have decided to try to walk at least 3 days a week. I work a ways from home so a lot of time I don't feel like walking. Anyway, I feel like I am stuck right now( not moving forward). Maybe I am not adjusting like I think I am :-(

bluerose2 2008-07-11 02:52:58 -0500 Report

I was having the same problems - my morning #'s were always high even if i didn't eat anything the night before past suppertime. ( #'s were 179 - 195 ). After learning on this website how metformin works i started taking 2 of my metformins at night before bedtime along with my insulin.

Well, the very next morning my bloodsugar was 94 ! And they have been consistantly in the 90's since that day I changed the time I take the metformin.

I don't know when you take your metformin, but it could be worth trying. Believe me, my morning #'s were never that low before so i know it had to do with the metformin.

Elfin 2008-07-11 04:26:09 -0500 Report

You know, I had never heard of Dawn phenomena 'til I got on this site. My Dr just thought I was eating "bad" stuff at night. :-( I was taking some of my meds at night, so I recently shifted my old morning meds to evening and vice versa. I added cinnamon and vinegar at meal times and at evening snack. I try to eat something with carbs, protein and fat in the evening. So far my numbers have gone from an average fasting of 140-160 to an average of 100-119. So OK it works for me…will it work for you?…I don't know,but it's worth a try. My only caution is that with you taking that amount of meds before bedtime, you could be experiencing some significant lows during the night while sleeping. Might want to check that too. Good luck with the puzzle of diabetes.

morris.js 2008-07-11 02:29:24 -0500 Report

Many of us have what is called the "Dawn Effect", where your body releases stored glucose very early in the morning to sort of get us ready for the days start. I have not found any combination of meds or meal strategies that fix this problem for me. My fasting morning levels are always 130 to 150.

JoJoCooks 2008-07-11 05:33:43 -0500 Report

Me too John…It is SO FRUSTRATING!!! I have actually found that if I don't eat anything after 8PM my levels are lower in the low 120's..but alas..its is an endless fight. The doctor went great today…she was very impressed with my commitment to eating healthier and the weight loss..the big test will come in September when I take my next A1C. Thank you so much for all your words of wisdom and support!! Have a fantastic weekend…:)


morris.js 2008-07-11 05:54:58 -0500 Report

Jo, Thanks for the update. I'm very glad the doctor appointment went well!!!!
Keep up the GREAT job you are doing, and keep us posted.

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