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I am new here looking for someone to "set me straight". I don't know if you would call it denial or what, but I am on s destructive path! I do well on some things (gave up sugared sodas, pie, you know the obvious stuff) but just go about my merry way with pasta, potatoes, all of the favorite carbs like I am a non-diabetic. I am not good with taking my meds (so fat just pills). What is wrong with me???? I am not a stupid person, but this is an act of lunacy! I KNOW all the complications of diabetes, so why am I living like I am not afflicted?????

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uncoolmom 2009-12-08 08:06:09 -0600 Report

I want to thank everyone for the warm reception! I went to my Dr yesterday, faced the lecture and got back on track. My H1C was 7.4, so not nearly as bad as I thought. I am up this a.m. checked my BG and am roasting veggies as we speak. Thank you again and look forward to being able to :pay it forward".

Turtle 2009-12-08 18:52:02 -0600 Report

good for you. You can do it. Keep a positive outlook rather than neg. about the diabetes. That helps lots.

Turtle 2009-12-06 20:04:52 -0600 Report

You know, I do not think being diabetic "sucks". I think it is an eye opener for the type of diet I WAS on. I ate horribly and irresponsably all my life until the diagonisis then I turned everything around immediately. I do not want to lose any of my organs nor die due to diabetes so I changed my diet. I try to be as active as I can and come here for support. I have some wonderful friends here that I never would have met if not diabetic. So does it suck? not for me.

My fingers get a little sore now and then but they heal. I just thank my Creator that my past dr caught this early on so I could make the right choices after going to the educator.


Tess K.
Tess K. 2009-12-06 14:40:09 -0600 Report

You are not crazy I am in the same boat you are right now. Having problems doing what I know is right when it comes to eating, Everything is kind of topsy turvey right now. Keep coming to this site and staying in touch with everyone, it helps to share. .

ptsparkle 2009-12-06 12:13:42 -0600 Report

One thing you have to realize is, that this disease is easy to be in denial about. Why?? Because the nasty little symptoms creep up on you slowly, ever so slowly, and then one day you wake up and say "why didn't i take care of this sooner". I know from experience. Don't fall into that trap. Pull your head out and jump on this now! 20 yrs. from now, you will thank yourself. Good luck.

mamaoak 2009-12-06 11:00:02 -0600 Report

I am with you it sucks big time, it just no one seems to understand the 6 small meals a day bit in my house hold and eating on time giving up hambergs pitza my husband is a junk food addic think.i eat good healthy foods but have allways done so never ate to many sweets but i crave them now . i was really up set when i was diagnosed with this it runs in my family. wished indulged befor this but i am comming to turms with it though. it has seemed to have gotten eassyer as the months pass. it will soon be a year for me.

Harlen 2009-12-06 09:22:03 -0600 Report

Then do what you need to do !!!
Its hard I know I go thrue it every day I dont beat myself up over it. I know what I need to do and if I love myself I will do it I am the only me there is .
And if I dont do it who will ????
You dont need somone to beat you in to it you just need to do it !
Best wishes

riverrat 2009-12-06 00:45:42 -0600 Report

I guess I am kind of luck because I wasn't real big on carbs before I had diabetes. Don't really like candy, cake, pie or any of that stuff. I love salads and potatoes are probably my biggest vice. I love potatoes so I eat them within reason. My Dr. says what I am doing is good and it works for me. I talked to the diabetic nutritionist at the hospital and she was wonderful help. That is what you need to do. You can taylor your diet to your own needs with the nutritionists help. Good luck and just hang in there. We have all been in that place of denial.

Elrond 2009-12-06 00:18:07 -0600 Report

uncoolmom, Believe me, there isn't a one of us who likes being diabetic. All we can do is make the best we can of a bad situation. Some of us have been living with it for many years and once you get 'on track', you can do it too. Believe me, it's not rocket science. You can still eat and eat very well, you only need to change your eating habits. My friends and family consider me to be a gourmet chef even though I concentrate on low-carb and even no-carb foods. I'm actually trying to gain weight but I can't just pile on the carbs for obvious reasons. The first thing you should do is somehow talk to a knowledgable nutritionist or other diabetes educator who can explain about foods and how they affect your body. Of course, all of us here will be happy to help but you need one-on-one 'basic training'. Even many doctors are not equipped to properly explain things. I know I was stuck with a nurse practitioner for a long time who was completely unable to help me. I finally got her to refer me to an endocrinologist and things really started to happen. Rule 1: DON'T GIVE UP! Hang around here and we'll all help.

longhornmom2002 2009-12-05 21:50:07 -0600 Report

Iam there with ya partner, I dont understand this carp either, I dont want to do any of it, I want to just not eat like I was go to the gym like I was and roll with it, I am opposite of you Iam thin and dont want to gain any dang weight it is a frickin train wreck for me if I start eating. I totally feel for you from your end not matter heavy or thin this sucks!!!

Turtle 2009-12-05 21:48:23 -0600 Report

How long ago did you get diagnosed? It sounds to me like you may be angry about your diagnosis…part of grief,,,we all go thru it one way or another.

I am t2 and was diagnosed about 5 yrs ago. You have come to the right place for support. Have you gone to a diabetic educator yet? They helped me lots.

I hope you can take charge of your life. It sounds like you have started and that is very good.

Take care,

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