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Can you get off insulin? I am on insulin and I have lost 10 pounds in 3 months and my A1C is 5.6. My doctor wants to monitor my blood sugars for the next 3 months then decide if I can get off the insulin. Is is possible?

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Hinboyz3 2009-12-06 10:00:02 -0600 Report

Yes you can kick the insulin, even if you only have to take the pills thats a big change. Keep up the good work!!!

mamaoak 2009-12-06 09:55:58 -0600 Report

yes i got off it i was on 2 shots of lantus and lipator befor meals if my glocose was above 150. then on pills twice a day 500 in moring and the same at night. for three months. i am off all meds it has been 6 months with nothing but really have to watch what i am doing. good luck keep exersiseing and watch what you eat. hugs

kdroberts 2009-12-05 20:49:29 -0600 Report

If you are type 1 then no. If you are type 2 then maybe. The key is that your pancreas needs to be able to produce enough insulin naturally or with medication helping it. If it can't then you will always need to take insulin.

Sheri S
Sheri S 2009-12-05 19:24:54 -0600 Report

Anything is possible. I am a Type 1 so that will never be an option for me but I had an Aunt that was on insulin and with changes to her diet and lifestyle was able to stop taking insulin. Good luck!