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Are diabetics eligible for Medicare right away and SSDI?

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jayabee52 2009-12-21 15:32:16 -0600 Report

Both my wife and I are both on SSDi and we are in our 50s.

I got kidney disease due to diabetes [End Stage Renal Disease {ESRD}] and had to go on Dialysis which is an "automatic" disability throough SSA.

My lovely bride is blind [since 14 with RP], and has problems with heart {CHF], kidney {Chronic, stage 3], lung {COPD}, lupis [SLE & Discoid], RA, and also diabetic. So with all of that, she's disabled enough too.

Kidney disease is no fun. It's not worth it just to get disability, although we're thankful for the income.

Petrea 2009-12-12 02:37:11 -0600 Report

I am on SSD but they told me they just added the diabetes in with the other medical problems to make me eligible. I guess I am quite lucky as they approved me right away, but that was back in 1986, so I know the rules have changed since then.

Germaine 2009-12-11 23:37:51 -0600 Report

yes you can apply but it depends on the severity of your diabetes. i mean in the end, you may have to get your doctor to agree that u need it.. or may need a lawyer

gregsDAD 2009-12-05 21:30:02 -0600 Report

it doesn't hurt to apply. Usually as it was said it takes more severe underlying complications. My sister could hardly walk and it still took her several times and a lawyer to finally get it. best of luck though.

Robert C. H.
Robert C. H. 2009-12-05 19:23:18 -0600 Report

I'm not positive but I think It helps to have other illnesses to justify that you are dissabled, but it won't hurt to apply Robert

donna13 2009-12-05 18:50:32 -0600 Report

My son works for SSDI and says the only diabetics he has seen collect benefits are those who are in wheelchairs because of neuropathy.

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