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I see a potential problem with the news articles portion of the site. Currently all members can post articles. This can lead to easy abuse by anyone who wants to abuse it. I would suggest making news articles an option for a select set of people and have everything else in the discussions section. Are all the news articles going to come from other sites? Part of my contract with AH calls for me to write for here. I would suggest some method for submitting complete articles which I am not seeing at present. Joomla and other content management systems I am familiar with allow for full formating of articles to include photos, HTML. text formating and just about anything else. I think this would be a desirable option and is readily available as open source code to add to your site.

When I was playing with the site I posted about my assessment questionnaire to assist people learn what the right mix is for them. and you felt it would have been better posted elsewhere which highlights what I am saying.

I do not mean this as criticism in any way, but it appears you are reinventing the wheel. There are many well developed forum modules (open source and free) that are already available, easily configured and far more functional. Additionally they are easily wrapped into an existing site structure. I am pretty much an IT duffus but i was able to add them to my site.

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