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i have a friend who uses okra has brought is numbers down tremendously and could not do it for years ..method——- take 2/3 okra snip both ends and soak overnight in room temp drinking water..every morning drink that water before anything (it is slimy) intake ,,i have started not bad taste at all..good luck

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Mwc4God 2014-07-09 08:49:17 -0500 Report

Soaking okra over night and drinking the juice: I tried it yesterday and today. A few hours after trying it I felt a tingling sensation all over my body. Not a bad or a good feeling, just different. Today I will see again. Maybe it is working to my good or maybe I am allergic, I don't know. But I did some research and found this site where there was some conversation. I also found the following that everyone should be aware of. I found this at "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okra" and it is a warning about Okra: Oxalic acid[edit]
"Oxalic acid is a naturally occurring colourless organic acid found in many plants including okra. Okra contains 0.05g/100g of oxalic acid.[21] The toxicity of oxalic acid is due to kidney failure, which arises because it causes precipitation of solid calcium oxalate, the main component of kidney stones. Oxalic acid can also cause joint pain due to the formation of similar precipitates in the joints."
I have had kidney stones before and do not want them again. I will not take the juice tomorrow, but I might add a "little" bit of Okra to my diet. Just sharing this info I found, like it or dislike it, it is for you to determine or check out for your self.

sweething 2009-12-04 13:46:52 -0600 Report

Sorry, but hogwash! Your friend is getting a nice drink of water, with the vitamins that are in the okra, and are in the water from the soaking.

BIRDY 2009-12-04 04:53:25 -0600 Report

it's interesting.Is it 1 okra for per day and how much water?
I know a similar thing for cholestorol : 3-4 walnuts , soak the night before and drink the water as the first thing in the morning.Mom of a friend of mine does the same thing for her blood sugar as well and she says it works out for her.

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