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Just signed up and been looking around and seems like the right place for me. I am a very BAD diabetic and haven't been taking care of myself for aleast the last 2 years. I think I've tried to put myself in denial and its not working for me. I have been a diabetic for over 10 years and I am not very healthy. I know what to do, but that's not working for me either. I need a Diabetic buddy, and someone who can be there for me, because my family is tired of listening to me. I take 3 meds and Byetta but I think I will probably be put on insulin and that's something I never wanted to happen, because my mom is a bad diabetic and insulin dependant and I've seen what she's went through all these years. So any feedback or advise would be greatly appreciated or if anyone has went through what I am going through would be great to hear from. bonitalynn51

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Hinboyz3 2009-12-04 07:15:24 -0600 Report

Your in the right place and welcome!! We are all here for the same reasons we are diabetic. WE all want to make a change and take better care of ourselves on a daily basis. You got to want to stay healthy, and don't think your family doesn't care about you cause Im sure they do. Every body has gotten off their diets and been in somekinda denial before. But now it's time for you to make a change for yourself and stick to it, so you can stay healthy and feel better. I know you can do it we all have to, we take day by day here on this site and stick together, and talk to each other in times of need. So yes your in the right place.

Lovepo 2009-12-03 20:30:24 -0600 Report

I am so glad that you found this site and know that you are among friends and people who understand what you are going through.Please say what is on your mind anytime. We are all good listeners.

Susie624 2009-12-03 20:07:25 -0600 Report

you are so right this is the place to be.So many very dear people to be your friend and advisors.I have learned so much in the short time thatI have been here,

Elrond 2009-12-03 20:03:52 -0600 Report

Welcome to our family. We were all new and scared once so don't be afraid to ask anything. Of course, your doctor is your best source of information but most of us have a lot of experience dealing with diabetes on a day-to-day basis. We'll be happy to help any way we can. :)

riverrat 2009-12-03 19:48:23 -0600 Report

Just talk to one of us when you feel defeated. It isn't easy giving up all those things we love. The real secret is to not deny yourself a treat because that will just make you binge and your numbers will be all over the place. You can start to reverse your bad habits by slowly building new good ones. Don't try to do everything at once. Take it one day at a time. We will all be here for you. Good luck

Harlen 2009-12-03 19:42:18 -0600 Report

I am on every day
And I would be happy to help you
If your willing to do the work as you sey you know what to do.I am on the pump T2 and running good #s
Best wishes

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