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Started 2009-12-02 23:54:43 -0600

is it safe to fast. I mean skip meals; etc. my husband is doing this and wondering if its safe since i know your not supposed to skip a meal???

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kdroberts 2009-12-03 09:33:50 -0600 Report

Depends on any medications. He may go low, he may go high (potentially very high) depending on what he's doing and how long he is fasting. Diabetics are generally advised to eat every few hours for a reason.

MarineMomX2 2009-12-03 08:44:17 -0600 Report

Before I actually took the time to figure out what kinds of foods I should have been eating, fasting was an option and I did it. I didn't think it hurt anything, but looking back now I realize it wasn't too smart of a thing to do. You can still cut calories without cutting out the nutrients that you body needs to function. I now look at it as good foods/bad foods…and there's a drastic difference between the two and what goes in my mouth. I also realize now that when I did go long times between meals, the tiredness and lack of energy I felt went right along with it. The more sensible thing is to balance the smaller meals and eat the proper foods to feed you nutritionally.

Harlen 2009-12-03 06:21:27 -0600 Report

If I go a long time without eating do to test or other needs I wil check My Blood sugars a lot dorring that time and after for two Hr
But its not a good thing to do I am not a doc but I know what it will do to my blood sugers and its not good
best wishes

Elrond 2009-12-03 00:03:37 -0600 Report

I wouldn't recommend fasting. Is he type 1 or 2? With either type, it is important that he keep a close watch on his blood sugar and not let it drop too low. Even if he's trying to lose weight, it's important to maintain proper nutrition. Vitamins, minerals and protein are extremely important. And if he uses insulin, he's playing with fire.

kathleen bane
kathleen bane 2009-12-03 00:32:59 -0600 Report

he is type 2 and does keep a check on his sugar. He has never went low. he takes alot of vitamins as well and is trying to eat better when he does eat. Maybe he is doing ok. thanks

Hinboyz3 2009-12-03 06:58:09 -0600 Report

Thats right Elrond Im with you on this one, you gave the right advice, we all just have to keep it in mind when trying to cut back. We do have to be very careful when trying stuff that effects our bodys.